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*~ Happy Sunday ~*

Hey Y’ALL !!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I know in my house we are spending some quality family time together. I am hoping today will be a lazy Sunday!

This week is yet another busy week here in our house. Our tournments start tomorrow night for softball and Tuesday night we have to work concessions….that shall be fun. Also, I have to go and pick up my step son, which I have never picked him up by myself. I hope there is no drama.

I know also this week I have to catch up on my house work. Where we have been go, go, go I am so far behind.

This week I have a lot of stuff planned for blog post, so please look out for more reviews and I think this week is when I am retesting products from the bad bin of makeup before I throw or give everything away! I am curious if my opinion has changed on any of the products!

Well, sorry this is a short post, but I am ready for bed! I am writing this post right before midnight and I am ready to knock out.

Thanks for reading,


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*~ Life…What a Rough Week !!! ~*

Hey Y’all!!

It’s finally the weekend…Thank God!!

This week has been a VERY long week. I have been WAAAYYYY off this week. I have been extra tired this week and on edge.

It all started last Saturday! My step dad had a heart attack and myself, my brother, and my sister had to rush a hour away to go to the hospital. Yes, we had to rush because he put my brother down as POA. He isn’t in good health already, so we are always on edge. If something happens to him we have to explain it to our children and then we have to take care of our mother. I will be the first to say, I really don’t care for my mother to much. She pushed my buttons so much last Saturday, I went back to the hospital crying. She has 6 kids (my older sister was killed in a car accident when I was 11) and the 3 that would actually take care of her, she treats us badly. She screamed and basically told me Saturday that me, my brother, and my sister is unwanted and she doesn’t care about us and she has no idea why we are there. She gets mad when my step dad puts my brother in charge because last year we saved his life…literally saved his life. I don’t see how a mother can treat her children like she does. If it wasn’t for my son wanting a relationship with her and my brother busting his butt helping her, I wouldn’t be around her at all. My brother does everything for her and she still puts him down and he doesn’t deserve it.

This week I am just off. I am super tired. I just want to sleep all day. I have actually drunk energy drinks this week, which I hardly ever do. I am usually out of bed ready to go. This week, I just want to lay in bed. I just feel off. I have been super lazy. I don’t know if it is because of the heat or if it is because last week I had a super busy week. I just want to relax.

Another issue this week is co parenting. My husband was suppose to get his son this week, we have had it planned for weeks and then Saturday night he gets a text about his son doesn’t feel well. Then, when he mentions what is wrong with him, the next text was the truth is I don’t have him with me. So we are planning on getting him tomorrow, but I bet something will come up and we will be another excuse. I think we are going to have to go to court, which we don’t mind. I don’t see how people can keep their child from their other parent. I co parent with my son’s dad just fine. I talk to his wife and him and we have all went out to eat and went to ball games together. It isn’t that hard to do what is best for your child. Yes, when having your child no one ever thinks about having to share custody one day, but hey that is life it happens.

I am hoping next week is a better week! I need to find energy somewhere!

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Motivation Lost….If Found Please Return!


Happy Monday…..for me not really. I am dragging this morning. It is only 10:00 a.m here on this Monday morning and I am already ready for a nap. My weekend was busy, busy, busy and now it is Monday. I have had no time to relax I feel like.

I will start with my Saturday. I feel like once my feet hit the floor Saturday, it was go, go, go. We had our first ball practice, which was great, but everything before and after ball practice was busy. I had my sisters boxer this weekend, that meant 4 dogs in the house and we had to keep my sisters boxer and our blue heeler separate because the boxer attacked our blue heeler. It was an entertaining time. Our small dogs were afraid, but they all survived. Before ball practice we had to go pick up a pitcher’s mask for our team and had to make a water cooler of Gatorade. After ball practice, my son wanted to go stay the night with my mom and step dad and we had to drive a hour to go drop him off. I wished my parents lived closer.

Sunday….my plan was to go to church, but I didn’t. My husband bought a new alarm clock and he said he was setting the new alarm to see if it would wake him, but guess what….the alarm did not go off. Yep, he didn’t turn it on after setting it. I woke up after 10, I guess I needed the rest. After my sister picked up her dog, we had to drive all the way back to go pick up our son, then we drove a hour in the other direction to go to the batting cage. We didn’t get home till late and I had to wake up and take our son to school this morning.

So, with my busy weekend and then no sleep last night, my motivation is now gone. I have no clue where it went, all I know is I need it back. I have to get ready to go into town with my husband and nephew because I have a lot to do in town. I have to grocery shop and run to the dollar tree to get more items to organize the house.So…if yo see where my motivation went please return it to me.

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Thanks for reading,


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*~* Goal Update*~*

Hey Y’ALL!!

It’s Thursday…we are almost done with this week! This week has went by quickly for me. Like yesterday when I made my post about changes, I first put it was Tuesday…ha ha ha, I had to go back and change it. I was like dang it is already Wednesday.

I wanted to give y’all a mid month goal update. If y’all read my,~* Life…It just happens*~, y’all would of seen the goals I set for myself this month. I must say some that are extremely important I am failing on and others I am succeeding in…I believe.

~Goal Update~

  • Restoring my relationship with GOD: I feel like I am failing at this. I have been praying everyday and I have been trying to fit in my daily devotion book, a couple nights a week. I want to make time for it every day. Also, I haven’t made it to church this month. This past Sunday where we were super busy this weekend, I totally forgot to set my alarm and I slept till 11:30 am….I NEVER sleep that late. On Wednesday nights I can’t go because, 1. My husbands truck is broken so he is driving my car to work and 2. He is still working nights. He is at work more than he is here so half the day I am left with no car. I need to work harder on this goal because this is the most important goal I have this month.
  • My Marriage: I don’t have a bad marriage, but it needs to be worked on. We did go to Nashville last Friday and we stayed in Nashville for the night. Saturday was going great and then when we got into town…bam he had to go fix something at work. I was MAD!! We had plans and he it didn’t need to be fixed until Monday morning. The guy that is over the place (not the owner), only wants to do things on his time and I was over it, I lost it. My husband knew I was mad because we had family plans. Friday he took vacation for us to go have time together and I feel that he should of told the guy not to wait till last minute to tell him when something breaks (because it broke the day before) and that it could wait. After he finally got home we worked it out and realized that he should of told him that it could wait.
  • Lose 10 pounds: I know 10 pounds sounds like a lot to lose in a month, I realize that now, but at the beginning of the month it didn’t seem that way. I am happy to say though I am down 5 pounds. I am trying to get our basement in order or office for me to start using my treadmill again. I have been drinking mostly lemon water. I will have a Diet Mt. Dew a couple times a week and some juice a couple times a week, but other than that just water. I feel like my taste buds have changed since drinking more water. My husband brought me home a juice this morning and I as I was drinking it, I realized I just wanted my water.
  • No Buying Makeup: Honestly I thought this goal would be the hardest one to follow, but shocker it has been the easiest to follow. I avoid the makeup in stores period. When I was in Nashville, I did almost break. The makeup store in the mall was going out of business…Thank God it wasn’t a huge sale. Plus, I live in a small town, so when I go to a bigger city, I always stop at Ulta. That was hard not to go in Ulta….super hard.
  • Organizing: I am Spring Cleaning and organizing every room in my house and hopefully by the end of the month my whole house will be organized, minus the basement. We have a full size basement and it became a catch all room, there are so many boxes down there to go through, I am dreading it. I am slowly working on other things in the basement. I think I am going to buy a couple of tubs weekly and start getting rid of the boxes in the basement.
  • Letting Go of People that Do Harm: I think I am doing okay on this one. The people I feel like are doing harm to me or my family I have said something, minus to a couple of them and I think my husband is going to take care of that. When I say harm I am not meaning physical, I am also meaning emotionally, not treating you like family, using us…etc. I decided that we need to talk to a lot of people and the ones I have said something to, have changed their ways. I feel so much better. I feel that if people wants to be in your life then they should also make an effort to be in your life also, not just expect us to do all the work. That is not how it works. Something I cannot stand is my son being treated differently than other children in the family and a lot of people do that. He is at that age now where he notices and he says something to me. I don’t play around when it comes to my child.

I feel that I am doing okay with my goals, minus with goal #1, which is my relationship with God. What are some of y’alls goals for the month of April?

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~*Blog Changes*~

Hey Y’All

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  I am working on my cleaning list for this week, which thankfully I am almost done with it. I am excited because my sister is bringing over her BIG Boxer tonight and I get to doggie sit for her. I am nervous a lil because my dogs inside are so much smaller, minus our Blue Heeler (which may be pregnant), but he knows her because my sister has watched her before. I have to hide my rabbit from him because he has killed rabbits before and mine lives in the house. Harley runs around, she is house trained (most people don’t know rabbits can be trained). I will end up putting her cage in my bedroom. This morning she beat up my dog Gunner….for some odd reason she just hates him, but loves our smaller dog Heaven (but she was raised with Heaven).

Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that there will be changes coming to my blog this week. I have decided not to only focus my blog just on beauty. I will be adding just everyday things, mainly lifestyle to it (I will still post about makeup and review products for y’all). As I thought about it my blog is called Southern Beauty and there is beauty in everything around us, not just in makeup….It is on everyday life, every minute, and every second of the day. I will also be looking at changing my theme also. Maybe just a whole site change in general. The name Southern Beauty will stay the same though.

Thanks everyone for following my blog, liking my post, and reading my post every time I post.



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**No Makeup Days**

Hey Y’ALL 🙋🏻‍♀️‼️

OMG….is it just me or is this week just going by very, very slowly? I can’t wait till tomorrow because my wonderful hubby got me tickets to the Grand Ole Opry and we are going tomorrow night :). I am just ready for it to get here, it has been on my bucket list for years and years.

No makeup days, we all have them right? I am one of these that I normally wear makeup everyday, but this week…honestly, I haven’t been feeling it at all! I have no idea what has gotten into me, but I have skipped putting on makeup this week. I have no idea what has gotten into me, but I am like oh well I will survive without it. Do y’all ever go through stages where you just don’t want to put on makeup? I honestly think because I know the summer is almost here and with my house full of kiddos, I won’t have time to put on a full face of makeup. Here in good ole Tennessee where I live we have about 6 weeks left of school before summer break hits.

Those with kids, especially during the summer where do you find your time, to pamper yourself? I just have 1, but because I am blessed to stay at home I do help my family out and watch my nieces and nephews. Do y’all schedule it into y’all daily routine or if you don’t have time you just don’t have time?

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Also, I have a poll if y’all please let me know what you think because I might be changing things up here on my blog.

Thanks for reading,


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~* Life…It just happens*~

Hey Y’all

Oh, I have how I have missed being on my blog and writing. Did I plan to vanish for over a week….no, but I needed it, oh how I needed it. I didn’t need a break from writing on my blog at all, I love it actually, gives me something to look forward to, but I needed a break from life in general. As you can tell by the title this isn’t no beauty blog. It is just about life in general.

You know how you just have had a rough time back to back and you feel like you never catch a break, that was me. February was spent in and out of the hospital with my son and then I ended up with the flu and March was just crazy. What makes it worse is that I have insomnia, so when I go without sleep most nights, my emotions start to show and I am just lost at that point.

I would have to say March started off on a good note, but certainly did not end that way at all. It ended with drama, more drama, and again more drama. I also turned 32 at the end of March, I actually had a great birthday. After my birthday, I started doing some thinking and I want to change a lot in my life…one goal at a time

April Goals

  • Restoring my relationship with GOD: So much has went on this year and I need to start focusing on God more. I have been failing to do so this year. I need to start getting back into church every Sunday.
  • My Marriage: I feel like I need to work on my marriage a lot this month. Not that it is bad because it isn’t. I just feel that with my husband on nights and having a different schedule than I do, there is no time spent family wise. Maybe schedule a Saturday nigh movie night all this month….that sounds good.
  • Lose 10 pounds this month: I want to eat healthy and start exercising more. I use to do it all the time, now it is time to go back and do it again.
  • No buying makeup: Yep, you read it right, I am not going to buy no new makeup this month. Last month I hit several big sales and bought a lot…I am just going to review the products I have on hand for y’all this month.
  • Organizing: I need to organize my house and declutter big time. I have already remodeled the living room area and the kitchen is next. I have been working on decluttering it were I can paint it by the end of the month.
  • Letting go of people that do harm: After March, I have came to the realization, I need to let go of those people who are toxic to me. Those who yo think has got your back, but in the end all they do is stab you in the back. I need to focus on myself and my family. I feel that if my family and I are important enough for people they will come around or call. I am so done with drama and helping those people who just take advantage of my kindness.

I am hitting April with full force y’all. I should be back on track tomorrow with a beauty blog for y’all.

Until then, thanks for reading,


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*Makeup Collection: Week 2: Highlighters*

Hey Y’all

I hope y’all are having a great Tuesday. It’s the first day of Spring! Here it is been crazy. It’s Spring Break and my house is full of kiddos. Which I love, but it stays crazy around here. I try to keep them busy.

This is Week 2 of my makeup collection series. Last week I showed y’all what bronzers are in my collection )*Makeup Collection: Week 1: Bronzers*), this week I am going to show y’all the highlighters that are in my collection.

I must say when I pulled all my highlighters out, I realized most of my highlighters are Wet n Wild highlighters, their highlighter game is on point!


Yes….I know my highlighter collection is big, but to me not that big. Some of these products I have already talked about or reviewed somewhere in this blog. I love highlighter. Some days I want to glow, other days I still wanna glow just not as much as other days. I want to have a natural glow.

If y’all have any question about certain highlighters just please ask and I will answer. I just have way to many to break down every single highlighter for y’all. I can say none of these are high end highlighters. There are all drugstore pricing. I do not count the PUR because I got that on sale and it wasn’t even $10.

My favorite highlighter, as y’all my know (if y’all read my blog daily), is the new Wet N Wild loose powder highlighter. The glow that it gives, is unreal.

Next week’s makeup collection: Eyeliners!

What are y’alls favorite highlighters? What ones should I invest in?

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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**Looking for Guest Bloggers**

Hey Y’all!!

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.

I am planning out my blog for next month and I had an idea. I am a beginner blog and I know others are beginners out there also and looking to get recognized. I am thinking about every Friday next month to have a guest blogger on my blog. Your blog can be ANYTHING to do with beauty.

If you are interested please feel out the contact form. Tell me about your blog, how long you have been blogging and a link to your blog. Right not I am only looking for 4, if this goes great I will make it a monthly thing.


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**Date Night Makeup**

Hey Y’all

My hubby and I FINALLY got to go out for Valentine’s Day, thanks to my wonderful sister for keeping our son. February was impossible for us to go out on a date because our son was in and out of the hospital with flu and pneumonia the whole month. We really needed the time to ourselves.

I wanted to pick a foundation that I knew that wasn’t going to make me oily and stay matte for the night. I choose to use the new Tarte Foundation (check out my review here: and I decided to use the Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette. I decided to do a cut crease for my eyes (I should of done a wing, lol).

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