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**~** July Goals **~**

Hey Y’ALL !!!

It’s JULY!!!! We are moving on to the second half of the year. This year has gone by super fast, but last month I felt like it finally slowed down, maybe because I was so busy.

Last month I set my goals and then bam, I forgot all about my goals in my busy, busy life of mine. This month I am not going to let that happen. I am going to set my goals and accomplish them. Please readers, if you see me slacking call me out!! I won’t be ass busy this month because I will only be watching my nieces and nephews 2 days a week, plus we will only have tournament season with softball. This month there is a lot to look forward to because we are going on some mini vacations, if not a week long vacation.

Anyways…..let get started with these goals!!

*** July Goals ***

1. Daily Devotion

I have to get my relationship with God right again. I have to start doing my daily devotion and I have to get back into going to church.

2. Read 2 books!

This was one of my goals last month that I totally failed on! I want to get back into reading again. I use to read all the time and then one day I just stopped. I need to see which books are out there and find one and start reading on it ASAP!

3. Stress Less and Worry Less

Yes, there has been so much going on that I have been so stressed and so worried that I need to let it all go and let God handle it. I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason!

4. Plank 30-Day Challenge

Last month I wanted to do 4 different 30-Day challenges at once, of course after the first couple of days it went down the drain quickly. With 5-6 kids in your house all week, it is hard to focus on everything at one. This month I want to do the plank challenge.

I don’t want to set to many goals for myself this month because it is going to be another busy, busy month.

What are some of y’alls goals for this month?

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*~* June Wrap-Up & Favorites *~*


First of all I wanna say I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything these past view days. My life has been really busy and with everything going on I had to take a break at some point during the days for myself.

It’s sadly the end of the month. We are half way through with the year. Where has the time gone? I am excited about July though. We are going to take a family vacation and maybe a couples weekend trip, but for the 4th of July we rented a pontoon for the family and we are spending the day on the water.

This month’s wrap-up is probably going to be short. I am going to be honest I have been so busy this month, I totally didn’t pay attention to my goals. I let them fall away from me. On the days I wasn’t busy, I just wanted to relaxed and just rest up. This heat is taken a lot out of everyone. I went most of the month without even wearing makeup. There were so many products I wanted to test out and try that next month here on my blog, that is mainly  what my blog will be, products I have been wanting to test out.

I feel so bad though not focusing on any of my goals, not even one. I did so good in the month of May, I really thought I had it in the month of June. I guess I didn’t take in effect that school was going to be out and I would be entertaining a house full of kids. For the month of July, I am going to set some realistic goals for myself.

Because I didn’t have a lot of favorites this month because I have hardly wore makeup, I decided to combine this month’s favorites with the Wrap-Up.

I have to admit I haven’t wore makeup a lot this month. With it being hot, I just feel like it is all just going to melt off when I go outside. Plus, every single day this month my house has been full of kiddos and it is hard to get ready when you have to make sure they aren’t killing each other! I did end up finding some favorites this month!

~* June Favorites *~

* Covergirl Peach Highlighter *


First of all this smells so good! Since I have tested out this product and reviewed it (~*~ Covergirl….It smells like Peach ~*~), I have wore this. It just gives you that glow that isn’t to blinding, it is just right for the summer. It does look like little pieces of glitter on your face, but with this product I don’t mind it. The only downside to this product is, it is dusty. You have to make sure you tap the excess off of your brush. I can’ wait to try the chocolate covergirl products!

* Covergirl Peach Blush *


There are 2 different ones, there is a lighter color one and a darker one. I love the darker colored blush. These are very pigmented! You have to use a light hand with these blushes. These are also dusty like the highlighter and you have to make sure you tap the excess off.

How did y’alls month go? Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve?

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*~* Sephora Play: June *~*

Hey Y’ALL!!

I finally got my Sephora Play box in for the month of June! Maybe it is just me, but it seemed like it took forever this month to get to me.

If y’all don’t get Sephora Play, it is a beauty box that is $10 a month. Each month has a theme and this month the theme is Summer Nights. I am usually happy with my Sephora Play box, I wanna say this is my 4th box. This month I am real disappointed in my box. Let’s get  started going through the products and see why I am disappointed in my box!


*~ Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation ~*


This product didn’t work for me. I don’t remember if I got it in another Sephora Play box or if I got it in one of me Allure boxes when I was getting Allure. I didn’t like this foundation at all. Actually the sample I have from last time is in my bad makeup bin. This also looks to dark for me. I will try it out again soon because I am going to do a blog post next month using the makeup in my bad makeup bin.

*~ Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick ~*


I actually already own this product. When Too Faced was having a huge sale I got some of these, plus I got a sample size like this when I ordered one of their eyeshadow palettes. Plus, to me this is more of a fall color.

*~ Verb Sea Spray ~*


I don’t use products like this at all. I will test it out and see if I like it, but I never use texture spray’s in my hair.

*~ Clinique: Take Off the Day Makeup Remover ~*


I think out of all the products this month, this is the one I am wanting to try. I have never used any of their makeup remover. This one is for the eyes and I am always trying to find a good makeup remover for my waterproof mascara and when I use glitter glue.

*~ Murad: Nutrient- Charged Water Gel *~


I haven’t tried anything from this brand, but I am up to trying this product. I am always looking for skincare products. it says that it hydrates and locks in moisture and it plumps skin. To me that sounds amazing especially when my skin goes through those dry stages.

Each month you get a bonus item in your Sephora Play Box and it is usually perfume, which I enjoy getting, but this month it was different.

** Bonus Item **

*~ Marajo: Deep Treatment Butter and Nourishing Cleansing Creme ~*


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~* Melting Lip Powder *~

Hey Y’all!!

Last month in my Allure box I received this melting lip powder from CLE Cosmetics. I was shocked because it was a full size product. I have never used a lip powder before, so I was excited to try this out. Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing a review on this product, but after using it I figure that I just had to write this review.


As you can tell this is a very pretty color. I was wondering how this product was going to work because it is literally powder. CLE cosmetics website states that this product is: waterproof, smudge-proof, long lasting, and it has vitamin E in it.

First, this product was cool when you put it on. It really just melts on your lips. I thought that was pretty awesome. I think that is the only thing I like about this lip product. When put it on and I put my lips together, this lip product clumps up. It looks like wet powder and it continues to turn back into a powder. It just doesn’t stay on your lips. It looked so awful that I took it right off my lips. This product retails for $20 and I wouldn’t even pay $5 for it.

Have any of y’all ever used this product before? How did it work for y’all?

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~* Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation *~

Hey Y’all!!

I hope everyone is doing great. I know here I am so happy that this week is going to be semi relaxing. I am use to my house being full of kids all week and starting this week my nieces and nephews will only be over a couple times a week.

I have heard so much about this new Covergirl TruBlend Matte foundation. I have seen great reviews and I have seen bad reviews. I decided that I wanted to test it out myself. When I started considering testing this out, what made me decide to test it out was, I hardly have any matte foundation. It is the summer time and I need to find a good matte foundation were I am not looking all greasy all the time, with me sweating, my oils coming through, and a dewy foundation.

~ Covergirl TruBlend Matte Foundation ~

Price: $8.44 @ Wal-Mart


I ended up with 2 different shades because I went a shade lighter because most of the reviews said that this foundation oxidizes, so I went a shade lighter. Well, it didn’t oxidize on me. I had to go back and get my correct shade. I decided to not to return the first one because I can use it in the colder months.

** Covergirl Claims **

  • 12 Hour Comfort Matte
  • Pore Minimizing
  • Oil Control
  • Transfer Resistant


It applied beautifully with a sponge. I never use a brush with my foundation, I am a sponge type of a girl. This foundation is also very buildable foundation. This foundation is going to give you a medium to full coverage.

I have to hand it to Covergirl, this foundation held up. When I wore this foundation, it was put to the test. It was over 90 degrees outside, my car overheated when I went into town, so I was sweating like crazy, and then we had a softball game that night. I hardly have any matte foundation because usually my oils come thru and bam, it isn’t a matte foundation anymore. This foundation actually controlled my oil!! I didn’t have to blot during the day, which I always have to do. I put this on around 9 am and I was going till close to midnight that day. Before the ball game, which was at 7 pm the foundation still looked okay. It was rubbing off of my nose, but that was about it. Before I took my makeup off around 11, I will tell you the foundation was done. It looked awful, but it was over the 12 hour mark. I think this foundation does great, but I don’t think it will last and look flawless for 12 hours, but it will look okay. I highly recommend this foundation.

Have y’all tried this new foundation? If so, tell me y’alls thoughts on it because I have heard so many mixed reviews, but it worked out great for me.

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*~ Life…What a Rough Week !!! ~*

Hey Y’all!!

It’s finally the weekend…Thank God!!

This week has been a VERY long week. I have been WAAAYYYY off this week. I have been extra tired this week and on edge.

It all started last Saturday! My step dad had a heart attack and myself, my brother, and my sister had to rush a hour away to go to the hospital. Yes, we had to rush because he put my brother down as POA. He isn’t in good health already, so we are always on edge. If something happens to him we have to explain it to our children and then we have to take care of our mother. I will be the first to say, I really don’t care for my mother to much. She pushed my buttons so much last Saturday, I went back to the hospital crying. She has 6 kids (my older sister was killed in a car accident when I was 11) and the 3 that would actually take care of her, she treats us badly. She screamed and basically told me Saturday that me, my brother, and my sister is unwanted and she doesn’t care about us and she has no idea why we are there. She gets mad when my step dad puts my brother in charge because last year we saved his life…literally saved his life. I don’t see how a mother can treat her children like she does. If it wasn’t for my son wanting a relationship with her and my brother busting his butt helping her, I wouldn’t be around her at all. My brother does everything for her and she still puts him down and he doesn’t deserve it.

This week I am just off. I am super tired. I just want to sleep all day. I have actually drunk energy drinks this week, which I hardly ever do. I am usually out of bed ready to go. This week, I just want to lay in bed. I just feel off. I have been super lazy. I don’t know if it is because of the heat or if it is because last week I had a super busy week. I just want to relax.

Another issue this week is co parenting. My husband was suppose to get his son this week, we have had it planned for weeks and then Saturday night he gets a text about his son doesn’t feel well. Then, when he mentions what is wrong with him, the next text was the truth is I don’t have him with me. So we are planning on getting him tomorrow, but I bet something will come up and we will be another excuse. I think we are going to have to go to court, which we don’t mind. I don’t see how people can keep their child from their other parent. I co parent with my son’s dad just fine. I talk to his wife and him and we have all went out to eat and went to ball games together. It isn’t that hard to do what is best for your child. Yes, when having your child no one ever thinks about having to share custody one day, but hey that is life it happens.

I am hoping next week is a better week! I need to find energy somewhere!

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*~* E.L.F Week: Day 5….Last Day *~*

Hey Y’all!!

I can’t believe this is the last day of ELF week. I know I have said this in my other posts this week, but I have really enjoyed testing out all of these products. There was a lot of bad products, but there were some winners. I love ELF makeup, they are a great makeup brand that is very affordable. I like that there are certain times of the year that they have a huge sale and you can get stuff as low as like 20 cents. You can rake up on some makeup!

* All Over Highlighting Sticks *

I got these products because I was curious. It said online wear them alone all over your face or use as highlighter. These are 2 of the worse products I have tested this week. They don’t blend out and they grab at certain areas of my face. On top of that they make me look oily.

* Lip Crayon *


I think it is called something else minus a lip crayon, but right now it isn’t coming to my mind. This is a great nude color. I have used this product a lot. I actually want to go buy more shades of this product.

* ELF Balm *


Ok so one of these colors is a hit and the other is a miss. The nude color, I wear it a lot. It goes on great. The bright pink color, it goes on patchy and I hate it. I know the package says lip balm, but they are more like a hydrating lipstick.

* ELF Kiss Lip Balm*


This is another winner. I ordered several of these. I keep some on my makeup vanity and I keep some in my purse. These lip balms are worth the money.

* ELF Mascara *


The last item in this ELF week reviews is this mascara. This mascara is a fail. I don’t like this mascara. It doesn’t give me the volume or length I want. Also, it runs and doesn’t stay on long. I hate mascara that flakes off through out the day.

 I really hope y’all enjoyed this week of E.L.F reviews. Tell me what E.L.F products do y’all like and dislike?

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*~* E.L.F Week: Day 4 *~*

Hey Y’all

It’s day 4 of ELF week. We are almost to the end. Tomorrow will be the last day of ELF week. I really hope y’all have enjoyed all these ELF product reviews to help y’all along when shopping ELF products.

* ELF Lip Stains *


I don’t use a lot of lip stains. These were one of the products, I was like I am buying because they are cheap and I want to try them. They aren’t that bad. They do their job. Even though they do their job, I think I prefer lipstick or lip gloss over lip stains though.

* ELF Red Lip Gloss *


This is one of the products that worked out great. I was nervous at first because it is BRIGHT red. You can wear this alone or you can wear it over a lipstick. Once you put it on, it isn’t as bright as it looks in the tube.

* ELF Clear Lip Gloss *


This is another winner, minus I can’t get my lipstick off the end of the wand. I think when it comes to lip gloss elf knows how to do it. This is another one that you can wear alone or wear it on top of any lipstick if you what that glossy look.

What are some of y’alls favorite ELF lip products? What lip products don’t y’all like. I do have a couple more lip products to review tomorrow.

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~*~ E.L.F Week: Day 3 ~*~


It is day 3 of ELF week!! I have tried so many products from ELF doing this. I have ran into some products that works and some that haven’t worked. I think there was more that didn’t work, so I skipped ELF’s big sale that was last week (if could still be going on, I am unsure).

Today I am going to focus on some of the palettes that ELF has.

~ ELF Prism Eyeshadow Palette ~


I really love this eyeshadow palette. You do have to use setting spray with them or use a glitter primer. I always use a glitter primer with them. I love the size of it because it is travel friendly. It even has a small mirror. I do have a new one that I did get for free that I am going to put in a future giveaway on my blog!

~ ELF Bronzer Palette ~


This palette is awful!! Yep….it is horrible. I tried to use it as a bronzer and I also tried to contour with it. This looks so muddy on the face. With 4 different colors , it seems to me you never get the same color, one minute its darker and the next minute it is a lighter color. This is another product going into my bad bin!!

~ ELF Mini Eyeshadow Palettes ~

I tested out 2 of these palettes. I love eyeshadow, so when I seen these in the sale I had to have them. As you can tell by the swatches, these eyeshadow palettes are a HUGE PASS! Some of the colors don’t show up and the others you have to build and build the colors, plus they don’t last that long. ELF has great eyeshadows, but these palettes aren’t. I don’t like that they don’t have a crease color.

Have y’all ever used any of these products from ELF? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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*~ E.L.F Week: Day 2 ~*


It’s Day 2 of ELF week. I have to say I had fun testing all of these products out for y’all. I will admit there is one product I reviewed that I was scared to death to use and it turned out that I should of just went with my gut and not used it at all!

~ ELF HD Blush ~


I am just going to start it off with the product I was scared to death to use. My gut told me not to use it and I should of listen to it. This looks horrible on the skin. There is no blending it out, it is dark, it grabs to texture, and the more you blend the worse it looks. I have no idea how long this will wear because I washed it off quickly!! This is going to go in my bad bin!

~ ELF Cream Blush Palette ~


I am not liking these cream blushes either. They are patchy when they go on and they grab to texture. When I was trying to blend these out, it was messing up my foundation. This is always going to go in my bad bin. I am glad I didn’t pay full price for these…which I wouldn’t of bought these if if wasn’t for the ELF huge sales.

~ ELF Blush ~


You can’t tell it in the picture, but the first one is more of a light brown color. I would probably use it as a bronzer because it doesn’t look good as a blush. The pink one, I like. I would use this blush daily. It’s the perfect summer color. It

I hope y’all have enjoyed Day 2 of ELF, minus it was all about the blush!

Have y’all used ELF blushes? If so, what are y’alls favorite?

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