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*~ Walgreens Clearance ~*

Hey Y’ALL !!!

I have to say when I went to Walgreens for this clearance trip, it was a let down. I usually just go to Walgreens to look for the orange stickers. You never know what they are going to have on clearance. I try to go at least a couple times a month. Even though it was a let down I did find some things on clearance. img_8921All that caught my attention was these 4 items! Like I said it was a total bust, but I did get some deals!

* L’Oreal Infallible Paints Blush Palette *

Price: $16.99

Clearance Price: $8.49

I think this is the best deal I got. Once I seen this was on clearance I did grab it. It has 4 different blush colors in it. I can’t wait to try out these blushes.

* Revlon Colorstay Lipstick *

Price: $10.79

Clearance: $5.49

As you can see I ended up with 2 of these. They only had certain colors on sale. I have already tried them out and I know why they were on clearance. These feel really thick on your lips and not comfortable at all. It also bunches up in spots and looks patchy. I wouldn’t recommend these lipsticks, even at the clearance price.

* Covergirl Lipstick *

Price: $8.29

Clearance: $2.19

Also, on these there were only certain colors on clearance. I have yet tried this out yet. I will be testing this one out in the next couple of days!What makeup clearance items have y’all found at Walgreens or at other stores?Please don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog!Thanks for reading,sig

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~*Eyeliner Showdown*~


I have yet again decided to do a showdown post because every time I do one, it seems to be popular. Eyeliner is something I haven’t talked about a lot on my blog, so lets have an eyeliner showdown!!

*Let the Showdown Begin*

~ Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in Black ~


This is my go to eyeliner for my water line. It took me forever to find an eyeliner that would work great in my water line. I didn’t want to have raccoon eyes from my eyeliner. I would highly recommend this eyeliner!

~ Maybelline Curvitude Eyeliner ~


I ended up buying this eyeliner when I was practicing on doing wing liner, I must say it didn’t disappoint. I love that it has the curve on it, makes it much easier to hold when doing your eyeliner.

~ Revlon ColorStay Exactify Liquid Eyeliner ~


I bought this just to try it because it looks like a mini pizza cutter. It is okay. The tip of it isn’t my favorite. I sometimes will use an eyeliner brush to put this eyeliner on. I like the eyeliner formula, but because of the tip I won’t buy this eyeliner again.

~ Wet N Wild Skinny Eyeliner ~


This tip is so tiny. This is great for getting your wing or if you want a thin like of eyeliner. I wouldn’t use this eyeliner for a full wing, it would take forever. You can use this to touch up your wing, which is what I do, it really helps. It is worth the money.

What are some of y’alls favorite eyeliners?

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~* Latest in Lips….Walmart beauty*~


I hope everyone had a great weekend. This is the last week of school here this week. Well, they go 4 days and Friday we go and pick up their report cards. I am planning a special day for my son Friday. We are going to have a mom and son day.

This weekend when I was in Wal-Mart I noticed their beauty boxes they had out went on sale. They were $9.88, but they had them on clearance for $7. I decided to pick up the Latest in Lips one. They have a highlighter one, a hair one, and I wanna say a skincare one. I may go back and get the others because they had a lot left.

As you can see everything is full size, minus the L’Oreal Infallible Matte Gloss. It says on the box it is a $38 value, so for $7 bucks, I am winning on this one. It contains  different lip products and it has the theme Nude Attitude.

It contains:

  • Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Creme

  • Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

  • Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

  • Hard Candy Plumping Lip Gloss

  • L’Oreal Infallible Matte Gloss

  • ELF Lip Exfoliator

If y’all see these at y’alls Wal-Mart, I would recommend grabbing this box, it is well worth the money. I haven’t used some of the products in here before, but I will be putting them to the test very soon.

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*~*Change of Mind…..*~*

Hey Y’ALL!!!

I know, I know…it has been a couple of days since I have posted. I have been super busy!! Friday my hubby and I went to the Grand Ole Opry (he got me tickets for my birthday) and then we decided to stay the night in Nashville. We were suppose to have softball practice (our first one this season), but because of the weather we had to call it off. Sunday and Monday, well I have been working on Spring Cleaning.

The title of this post doesn’t tell y’all much about what this post is about, but it fits. I did a post last month about the new Revlon Foundation (~* Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation*~) and I have changed my mind about how I feel about that foundation.


If y’all want to know the price and everything else about this foundation, please go check out my last post about it, it has all the info in it (~* Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation*~). I tested this out for a week, when I first bought it and I had no problem with it really, minus the price and it does not last that long. Well now I have problems with it and I wanted to update y’all. I have combo skin and there are times were I am more dry in areas and then there are times were I am more oily and then there are times were I have dry and oily going on at once on my face. Recently, I have been more oily because of the weather change and this foundation DOES NOT work with oily skin at all. I put this foundation on and OMG it would not stay put. I should have just washed it off and picked another foundation. I had the worst makeup day ever. Not only that I hardly ever get break outs and when I went to wash it off, I have a huge spot near my cheek now. It is not worth it for the price at all. I am probably just going to end up trashing it now because I do not want to try it out again and get more break outs.

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~*~Cream Eyeshadows…Why are they the best?~*~

Hey Y’all

It’s Friday!! We have all once again survived the week. Today I am going to paint my living room…fun fun. I am going to go with a rustic look because honestly that is what our decor is, but it doesn’t match the paint on the wall. It is like a barney purple and I can no longer look at it.

Today, I wanted talk about cream eyeshadows and why they are the best. Honestly, a lot of people do not know, but cream eyeshadows can be used for more than just eyeshadow.

I only own Revlon Colorstay cream eyeshadows, one Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow, and some ELF cream eyeshadows. I do not have many, but what I have I use weekly.


What I love about the Cream Eyeshadow I use!

  • Doesn’t crease
  • Blends well with each other
  • Last All Day
  • Easy and fast application

I cannot speak for other cream eyeshadows, but the ones I use are amazing. Revlon has some great colors for spring and you can make a very easy Easter look. I like that if I am in a hurry I can just throw on some cream eyeshadow and go. It does not take long at all.

Cream eyeshadows don’t only  have to be used for just eyeshadow. I know I use them for a lot more.

What I use Cream Eyeshadow for!

  • Base for other eyeshadows: makes them last longer and it also makes the colors pop
  • Brow Highlight
  • Inner Corner Highlight

If I want my eyeshadows to last longer I will use a cream eyeshadow on top of my eye primer to help my eyeshadows, especially if it is one I want to wear, but I know it does not last that long.

Do y’all use cream eyeshadows? What cream eyeshadows do y’all use?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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~* Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation*~

Hey Y’all!!

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has had a great relaxing weekend. We had a nice relaxing day. Unfortunately we miss church because I forgot to set my alarm and didn’t wake up till after 10 (I guess I was sleeping good).

Last night, I went to Walgreens for the first time in a month and I had to finally grab the new Revlon foundation. I have heard so many mixed reviews on it. I ended up with it because I have a $4 off coupon, which made it cheaper.

Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation

Price: $17.99 @ Walgreens

I know what y’all are probably thinking because I think the same thing. The price is WAYYYY to much for a drugstore foundation! I had a coupon (Thank God), for me to purchase this and do a review for y’all.

Revlon Claim’s:

  • Flawless Finish
  • Works for all skin types
  • Evens and smooths skin tone

This foundation does have a built in sponge for easy application. It is suppose to give you that Instagram look that you see everyone has on Instagram. To me in means in other words… is going to make you look like you used Photoshop on your picture (lol).

My thoughts:

  • The built in sponge is a HUGE NO!!
  • Does apply great with a sponge
  • Last about 6 hours
  • Does make you look flawless
  • When blotting foundation does come off.

When I first applied it, I did try to use the build in sponge on it. It just wasn’t working for me. It pulls at your skin, it leaves streaks, and you cannot blend it in at all with it. I did try to use a brush and that also left streaks, so I would recommend using a damp sponge with this foundation.

I do love the look that this foundation give me. It does make my skin look flawless, but when I started to get oily and I blotted, some of the foundation came off. It has been awhile since I have applied the foundation and it still looks okay, but not like it did. It started to break apart around the 6th hour mark.

Do I recommend this Foundation?

I can’t say I recommend this foundation at all because of the price. It is high for a drugstore foundation. I feel for it’s price that, it shouldn’t start breaking apart after wearing it for  hours. It should be lasting all day. It does make your skin look flawless (I will post a picture down below). If you are going to buy this product, I would wait for a coupon like I did or wait for a sale. This will be a foundation that I will wear when I don’t have a long day ahead of me or for a date night.


Have y’all use this foundation? If so what are y’alls thoughts on it?

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