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~*~ Summer Must Haves: Beauty Edition ~*~


Can y’all believe summer is almost over? If feels like this season has just flown by just like that.

I know in the summer a lot of people try to avoid wearing makeup because it just slides right off of your face, but I decided to put together some of my summer must haves for y’all. These products are my go to summer products to keep my looking flawless.

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*~ Grove Collaborative Haul *~

Hey Y’ALL!!

I hope everyone is doing great! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. This week seems to be flying by and I feel like I still have so much to do.

Today I have decided I wanted to share with you my favorite site to buy my cleaning supply. Just to put this out there this blog post not the video was sponsored. I just love ordering from Grove Collaborative. When I first decided to start ordering from them, I thought it was to good to be true, but I have yet ran into any problems.

I have to say the products that they sell smell amazing!! I can’t wait to order the rest of the Fall scents. I am ready to decorate for fall and for my house to smell like Fall.

I just recently made an online order and I figured it was the perfect time to share this amazing company with y’all.

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*~* June Wrap-Up & Favorites *~*


First of all I wanna say I am so sorry I haven’t posted anything these past view days. My life has been really busy and with everything going on I had to take a break at some point during the days for myself.

It’s sadly the end of the month. We are half way through with the year. Where has the time gone? I am excited about July though. We are going to take a family vacation and maybe a couples weekend trip, but for the 4th of July we rented a pontoon for the family and we are spending the day on the water.

This month’s wrap-up is probably going to be short. I am going to be honest I have been so busy this month, I totally didn’t pay attention to my goals. I let them fall away from me. On the days I wasn’t busy, I just wanted to relaxed and just rest up. This heat is taken a lot out of everyone. I went most of the month without even wearing makeup. There were so many products I wanted to test out and try that next month here on my blog, that is mainly  what my blog will be, products I have been wanting to test out.

I feel so bad though not focusing on any of my goals, not even one. I did so good in the month of May, I really thought I had it in the month of June. I guess I didn’t take in effect that school was going to be out and I would be entertaining a house full of kids. For the month of July, I am going to set some realistic goals for myself.

Because I didn’t have a lot of favorites this month because I have hardly wore makeup, I decided to combine this month’s favorites with the Wrap-Up.

I have to admit I haven’t wore makeup a lot this month. With it being hot, I just feel like it is all just going to melt off when I go outside. Plus, every single day this month my house has been full of kiddos and it is hard to get ready when you have to make sure they aren’t killing each other! I did end up finding some favorites this month!

~* June Favorites *~

* Covergirl Peach Highlighter *


First of all this smells so good! Since I have tested out this product and reviewed it (~*~ Covergirl….It smells like Peach ~*~), I have wore this. It just gives you that glow that isn’t to blinding, it is just right for the summer. It does look like little pieces of glitter on your face, but with this product I don’t mind it. The only downside to this product is, it is dusty. You have to make sure you tap the excess off of your brush. I can’ wait to try the chocolate covergirl products!

* Covergirl Peach Blush *


There are 2 different ones, there is a lighter color one and a darker one. I love the darker colored blush. These are very pigmented! You have to use a light hand with these blushes. These are also dusty like the highlighter and you have to make sure you tap the excess off.

How did y’alls month go? Did you achieve everything you wanted to achieve?

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~*May Favorites*~


 I cannot believe that it’s the end of May! I can’t wait to go float the river and fish. I use to hate being on the water, but once I got with my husband I knew he loved the water and he got me use to it.

I have been loving so many products this month it was really hard to choose what needs to go on my favorite list. So I have decided the products I have been using the most will go on my favorites.

* The Big Happy Planner *


I got this planner near the end of last month. I felt with softball, school, and everything else that I needed a planner. I choose this one because it had everything I needed and you can buy and add pages. Mine didn’t start till July, but I bought a calendar expansion pack to make it work. I also bought the daily planner sheets to go in it. Every night I sit down and fill out the next day. It really helps me know what I need to do. I have a plan and it is wrote down.

* ELF Bronzer *


I got this bronzer back in December when ELF was having one of their sale events. I paid I wanna say 40 cents for it (I love their sales). I knew I would be able to wear it during the winter because it gives you that summer glow. I was digging through my draw one day and I seen it and I have used it almost everyday this month. I do feel that it didn’t have much product in it because was you can tell I have already hit pan. It is going to be gone in no time. I think you can get it at Wal-Mart for like $2.00.

* Covergirl Tru Blend Blush *


This is a item I have had for awhile, but kinda forgot about it because I have been trying other blushes. When I was digging around in my drawer when I found the bronzer, I also found this blush and I was like hey I need to start using this again. Once again this is another product I have been using almost every single day this month. I think it is the perfect summer color.

* YouVersion Bible App *


If you are looking for a great Bible app…this one is it. You can look at different translations and find the translation you like. They have several different bible studies you can do. You can also highlight and go back to a verse. This is the app I use when I do my daily devotions.

What was some of y’alls favorites this month?

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~*~Makeup Revolution Baking Powders~*~

Hey Y’all

How are y’all today? I am glad it is finally the weekend. The weekend is the time I get to sleep in and just relax.

If you are someone who “bakes” you are going to want to read this post. I think I found the best baking powder out there for a drugstore price. The Makeup Revolution caught my eye when I was watching YouTube videos. I seen Tati review the Ghost Baking Powder from Makeup Revolution, which it look like a HUGE fail, but I also watch Casey Holmes and she loves the Banana Baking Powder from Makeup Revolution. So, last month when I was hinting the makeup sales I ended up ordering the Makeup Revolution Lace Baking Powder and the Makeup Revolution Banana Baking Powder. I got both because the Lace, I think will be to light for me in the summer to use, so I went ahead and got the Banana Baking Powder also.

*Makeup Revolution Baking Powders*

Price: $8.00 each @


I am so glad I bought these baking powders. I use the lace a lot because I am pretty fair right now and the banana is currently a little to dark for me. I LOVE these, they brighten and set your under eye. They wipe off easy with a brush and it is perfection. I have tried several drugstore powders to bake with and I have found a winner. In the lace and the banana baking powders. For the $8 they are well worth the price. The good thing is, you can watch for an Ulta sale or you can see if you can find a coupon to use to get these cheaper than $8.00.

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~Favorite Drugstore Eyeshadow~

Hey Y’all

I hope everyone is having a great weekend I know here in good ole Tennessee the weather is starting to warm up. Spring is just right around the corner. Once I get done writing this post for y’all and get ready, we are going for a nice walk at the park.

I mentioned in my drugstore beauty favorites (** Favorite DRUGSTORE Beauty Products**) that I would make a post just for my favorite drugstore eyeshadow….well here it is.

L’Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eyeshadow

Price: $6.97 @ Wal-Mart


I almost own the whole collection because I LOVE them so so much!! It started off with me just getting the Amber Rush color because I seen someone review it and it was so pretty. I had to have it. After a while my collection grew and grew and some of the colors I was finding actually on sale at my local Wal-mart.

Why do I LOVE them so much?

It is rare to find a drugstore eyeshadow that is:

  1. Pigmented
  2. Stays put all day long
  3. Doesn’t fade throughout the day

I know when I wear these eyeshadows that they are not going anywhere on my eyes at all. They are very soft. You can apply with a brush, but I find it easier to apply them with your finger.

L’Oreal Claims on thee Infallible Eyeshadows

  • 24 HR wear
  • Fade proof
  • Waterproof
  • Crease Resistant

L’Oreal states on their website that they have a velvety formula, intense, maximized color, and that they are a powder-cream texture.

I am sorry I have so many I cannot do swatches of them all. I will be using some in some eyeshadow looks I am planing on posting.

I would highly recommend these to anyone. Yes, they are a lil expensive just for one, but they are so worth it. They have a a decent color range. You might be able to find some on sale like I did. I got some for $3.00 I believe at Wal-Mart.

Have y’all used these eyeshadows before? If so what are y’alls thoughts?

What are y’alls favorite drugstore eyeshadows?

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** Favorite DRUGSTORE Beauty Products**

Hey Y’all

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

I had several emails asking me to do my favorite drugstore products, after I made the post about my favorite high end products. As y’all can tell by my blog post, I use mostly drugstore products. I live in a small town and the nearest makeup store is over a hour away, unless you go to the drugstore to get it or Wal-mart….I mainly order stuff online. Plus, who doesn’t like when you find something high end quality for a drugstore price…right??

  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer


Price: $13.23 @ Wal-Mart

Who doesn’t like this bronzer!! This is amazing. The smell, it is soft, and it blends easy. I haven’t used another bronzer since I bought this one. I don’t think I could cheat on this bronzer like that, lol.

  • Wet n Wild Highlighters


Price: $4.68 @ Wal-Mart

We all know Wet n Wild products can be questionable, but we all have to admit that they can come out with some pretty good highlighters. They live you with a GLOW. Plus, their new limited edition loose highlighter is amazing ( Wet n Wild has it going on when it comes to highlighters

  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless


Price: $5.94 @ Wal-Mart

This foundation is a must. I almost of the fit me dewy and smooth, but I like the matte and poreless better. It last all day on my skin, it does help minimize pores, and other products blend great on top of it. It gives you medium coverage and you can build it up to full coverage. If you are looking for a drugstore price foundation, this would be the one I recommend.

  • Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer


Price: $7.94 @ Wal-Mart

When I am not using my Tarte Shape Tape concealer, this is the concealer I am grabbing. Maybelline has really hit this concealer out of the park. It gives you full coverage without you looking cakey. This concealer goes great with the Maybelline Fit Me foundation. The tip is nice, but as you can tell in the picture it does get messy.

I didn’t add my favorite drugstore eyeshadows on this post because they deserve a post just for them. Don’t worry it should be up next week or maybe the end of this week.

What are y’all’s favorite drugstore makeup products?

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My FAVORITE high end makeup products!! :)

Hey Y’all!!

I hope y’all are doing well. Most of my post are about drugstore affordable makeup because not everyone can afford high end makeup products, but today I wanted to share with y’all some of my favorite high end makeup products.

  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer


OMG!! I feel that everyone loves this product. Everyone on Youtube you see using it. When I first seen it, I was like yea whatever, it is just a concealer. Boy….was I wrong, I love the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. I use it almost every day. On the days I do not want a full coverage look, I will add a little bit of moisturizer in it to thin it out and it still works great, just doesn’t give me that full coverage I am not looking for.

  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation


When I bought this foundation, I was just looking for a different foundation. I like to switch things up a little bit. I can have a medium coverage with it or I can build it up to full coverage. It is an oil free foundation, which I love. It gives me this radiant look all day long. I would highly recommend this foundation to anyone.

  • The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow palette


This is a palette I really truly wanted. It was always sold out and when I finally got my hands on it I was so in love. For those who know me, I can handle having one foundation, one highlighter, etc…but I LOVE eyeshadow. My eyeshadow collection, I will say is unreal. This is by far my favorite palette in my collection. You can do several different looks with just this one palette and the colors are AMAZING.


What are y’alls favorite high end products?

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