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*~* Peach Paradise….L’Oreal *~*

Hey Y’all!!

It’s officially hump day! I feel like this week is dragging. I think it is were I am just so wore out. I think I can sleep for days.

Well today, I have yet again more scented makeup. This makeup trend, I swear everyone is just hoping on that wagon.

*~ L’Oreal Paris Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette ~*

Price: $ 11.97 @ Wal-Mart

This smells amazing, minus it isn’t as strong as the Covergirl peach punch. I am so in love with this palette. These colors are, so up my alley. These colors are so pretty, the blend well, they last all day, and they work together. This has been my go to palette this pasted week. I highly recommend this palette.

*~ L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Blush ~*

Price: $ 10.97 @ Wal-Mart

They have these in different shades, but I got the shade bashful. This blush smells amazing also. Just like the eyeshadow, I am in love with this blush. This has been my go to blush since the beginning of the month. It is the prefect color for me. I highly recommend the blushes also.

L’Oreal has came out with great products. Because of the quality of these products, I would of bought these even if they weren’t scented.

Have y’all tried L’Oreals new products? If so what are y’alls thoughts?

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*~* Maybelline Lemonade Craze Eyeshadow Palette *~*

Hey Y’all !!

I have to tell you I am VERY excited to do this review! I have looked for this product in stores for a long time. I am not one of these that likes ordering eyeshadow palettes online because I want to see them in person before I buy them. I went to Wal-Mart one night and bam….there was the Maybelline Lemonade Craze eyeshadow palette.

* Maybelline Lemonade Craze *

Price: $10.98

I was really afraid because I wanted this palette so bad that it wouldn’t be that great. I have read some other reviews about this palette, but I wanted this palette for myself. I have to say I am in LOVE with this palette.  I always use a glitter primer for any shimmer shades, I haven’t tried to use them by themselves. You can build up these colors and you can do so many looks with this palette. We are planning a vacation and I am 99.9% sure this is going to be the palette I pack for vacation. These colors last all day also. If you use an eye primer they won’t crease at all. If you love eyeshadow like I do, this is a MUST  have eyeshadow palette to go in your collection.

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~*~ Take me to Brazil ~*~

Hey Y’all

I hope everyone is doing well! It has been a very busy June for me so far and it is wearing me out. I have been tired every single day. Like so tired I don’t really want to watch TV or do my planner when I go to bed at night.

Today, I am reviewing yet another BH Cosmetic product!

~ Take Me to Brazil ~

Price: $18.00


I bought this palette back in March when BH cosmetics was having a great sale. This palette always seemed to be sold out, so when I seen in back in stock, I just had to have it. I have been waiting for summer time to actually use it. I was so excited about this palette, but to be honest when I got it in, I was scared to start using it. I don’t really do a lot of colorful looks, but I wanted to.

This palette does have a down fall. As you can tell when swatching the blues, the 3 all look like the same color. I was wanting this palette to be more pigmented then what is it. When I put this on my eyes I had to work to build up the colors. Yes, this palette has a lot of pretty colors in it, but is it worth $18.00? In my opinion it isn’t. I love BH Cosmetics products, but this palette isn’t worth the hype at all. For the price, I want more pigment in the colors.

Have y’all tried this palette? If so what are y’alls thoughts?

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*~*What is your Zodiac Sign??*~*


I hope everyone is doing well! It is Hump Day, I think we all can get over the hump day of the week to make it to the weekend.

Y’all may be confused about the title and thinking, what could this post be about?? Well…it is another eyeshadow palette review. Of course, I have a weakness for eyeshadows, y’all should know that by now, lol.

~*BH Cosmetic: Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette*~

Price: $21.99

This palette has been out for awhile, but because I own 3 other BH Cosmetic baked eyeshadow palettes, at the time I didn’t think I needed this. Well, of course I gave it. I bought this back in March and I have been playing with it every since. I just haven’t gotten around doing my review on this palette.

I LOVE this palette, you can do so many looks with it. It has 25 eyeshadow colors and it has one highlighter. It has baked eyeshadows, plus it has mattes to go with the baked eyeshadows. You can do a complete eye look with this palette. The downside is, the size. It is so big, it isn’t travel friendly. Plus, the mirror is really tiny on it. I would highly recommend this palette. I think the Zodiac palette is a must have in anyone’s eyeshadow collection.


I also love the colors in this palette. They blend so well with each other. I like that you can mix and match different colors in this palette. I have never wore the highlight, as an highlight, but I do wear it as an inner corner highlight on my eyes.

Have y’all seen this palette before? What are y’alls thoughts on this palette?

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~Milani Eyeshadow Review~


I hope everyone has had a wonderful Wednesday. Today was a lazy day for me. I took a nap this morning because I couldn’t get going at all. I just felt blah today.

Anyways, this is a review I have been wanting to do forever. I have had this for a couple of months and they were really hard to find in my Wal-Mart. These palettes were the first eyeshadows I have ever used from Milani, so I cannot compare them to their smaller eyeshadow palettes that they have.

Both of these palettes are $14.97 each @ Wal-Mart or you can get them on the Milani website for $19.99 each. The each have 12 eyeshadow colors in each palette.

*~Milani Bold Obsessions Palette~*


This palette contains both matte and shimmers in them. The shimmers are beautiful, but they do have fall out. The mattes don’t have nearly as much fall out in the palette as the shimmers do. I really do like this palette and I think it is worth the Wal-Mart price. I couldn’t imagine paying Milani’s price on their website for it.

*~ Milani Mosted Loved Mattes~*


This palette came out at the right time. When I bought this palette I was looking for an all matte palette. This is a great palette also. The colors blend great together and they also work great with the colors in the other palette. This one is also worth the money.

I really love these palettes. They are travel size, you can make several different eyeshadow looks with these, and they also have a nice mirror in them. Both palettes are worth the money.

I think Milani makes great products and once again they have nailed it.

Which Milani products do y’all use? Have y’all tried these palettes?

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*~BH Cosmetics: Glam Reflection Collection~*


Happy Saturday everyone. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. Our town is having Back to the Strip tonight. There is were everyone rides the strip for Meals on Wheels. It’s a huge event yearly here. Meals on Wheels help provides healthy meals each day for the seniors and other people in our community. People ride the strip and drop of food for the cause. We love going to getting my baby (my car) all cleaned up to go. They have a car show before hand, which we will miss this year because of softball practice (pending because of the weather), so we already bought our shirts. I am excited!

I have to be honest, I have been wanting to do this review for a month for y’all, but I wanted to test each of these palettes out to give my honest review on these palettes.

The BH Cosmetics Glam Reflection collection has 4 different eyeshadow palettes (so far, I don’t know if they are coming out with more). Each palette has 15 shades and the palettes go together well with each other. These palettes are:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Allergy Free
  • Dermatologist Tested

*Glam Reflection: L’amour*

Price: $15.99 @ BH Cosmetics


I think this palette would be perfect for Valentine’s day. It has those cranberry colors and it also has those dark colors in it as well.

*Glam Reflection: Rose*

Price: $15.99 @ BH Cosmetics


This palette as mostly mattes, which are great. They say it’s romantic meets ravishing, but to me this is a natural palette the L’amour has that more romantic feel to it.

*Glam Reflection: Smoke*

Price: $15.99 @ BH Cosmetics


I was sad when I first opened it. My eyeshadows were shattered! BH Cosmetics did send me another one though. For some smokey eyes this would be your palette. I love the light blue shimmer shade in this one.

*Glam Reflections: Gilded*

Price: $15.99 @ BH Coemetics


I think out of all 4 of these palettes, this one is my least favorite. When I look at this palette my first thought it….that pink doesn’t look like it belongs in this palette at all

~My Thoughts~

I love BH Cosmetics eyeshadows, I buy quite a bit from the company, but I was really let down in the quality of the palette itself, not the eyeshadows because the eyeshadows are great, but how the palette is made. As I mentioned my Smoke palette came in and my eyeshadows were shattered, but on the other palettes when I went to swatch the colors the pans move around, like they will fall out eventually. The quality of the eyeshadows are great, they have great pigment. I do wear glitter glue under the shimmers, but I wear that under all of my shimmer shades to make sure they stay in place. These also didn’t have any WOW colors, like OMG I must have that color. We all probably have these same colors somewhere in our collection. I do like that these are blend able, they have a nice size mirror, and they are travel size (but honestly with how some of the pans move, I wouldn’t travel with them). I could of lived without these palettes. Also, if you want to buy these palettes, BH Cosmetics is always have a different sale daily it seems like. I ended up getting mine for less than $10 each.

What eyeshadows palettes are a must buy for y’all? Do y’all buy from BH Cosmetics?

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~*~Cream Eyeshadows…Why are they the best?~*~

Hey Y’all

It’s Friday!! We have all once again survived the week. Today I am going to paint my living room…fun fun. I am going to go with a rustic look because honestly that is what our decor is, but it doesn’t match the paint on the wall. It is like a barney purple and I can no longer look at it.

Today, I wanted talk about cream eyeshadows and why they are the best. Honestly, a lot of people do not know, but cream eyeshadows can be used for more than just eyeshadow.

I only own Revlon Colorstay cream eyeshadows, one Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow, and some ELF cream eyeshadows. I do not have many, but what I have I use weekly.


What I love about the Cream Eyeshadow I use!

  • Doesn’t crease
  • Blends well with each other
  • Last All Day
  • Easy and fast application

I cannot speak for other cream eyeshadows, but the ones I use are amazing. Revlon has some great colors for spring and you can make a very easy Easter look. I like that if I am in a hurry I can just throw on some cream eyeshadow and go. It does not take long at all.

Cream eyeshadows don’t only  have to be used for just eyeshadow. I know I use them for a lot more.

What I use Cream Eyeshadow for!

  • Base for other eyeshadows: makes them last longer and it also makes the colors pop
  • Brow Highlight
  • Inner Corner Highlight

If I want my eyeshadows to last longer I will use a cream eyeshadow on top of my eye primer to help my eyeshadows, especially if it is one I want to wear, but I know it does not last that long.

Do y’all use cream eyeshadows? What cream eyeshadows do y’all use?

Thanks for reading 🙂


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*~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part:2)~*

Hey Y’all

If you are reading this, it seems like you have survived this week also. It has been a long week, but it is Thursday, which means tomorrow is finally Friday.

Monday I made a post about Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part:1) *~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part: 1)~*. I reviewed their 10 pan palettes. Today, I will be reviewing their eyeshadow quads. I will apologize right now, I do not have all of them. I am missing one of them. My local Walgreens only have 4 of the  (I thought I had 5, but after double checking I didn’t).

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads

Price: $2.99 @ Wet n Wild

There are 6 different quads, but like I said I only have 4.

Lights Out


This would be a great palette to do a smokey eye with. I am not into do my whole eye in a dark color, so I wouldn’t be grabbing this quad a lot. I do like the brow bone highlight in it and the gray shimmer color in it.

Hooked on Vinyl


This has to be my favorite quad of them all, just because of the color combo.

Silent Treatment


This is one of the quads that they reformulated. This is my least favorite one. I am not digging the colors all that much. I am just blah over this quad.

Sweet As Candy


This is the quad I have used the most. I already had the old one of this and you can really tell that they reformulated it just by looking at the colors. One the pink shade, I do spray it with setting spray for it to give me the color pay off that I do want.

My thoughts

I kinda regret buying these quads, not that they aren’t good, I just feel that the 10 pan palettes are better. You get more product for your money.

What are y’all thoughts on the new quads? I think it is great that they finally added a transition color, but like I said I like the 10 pans better.

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**Urban Decay: Afterdark Palette**

Hey Y’all

It is Wednesday. We have made it half way through the week. I hope y’all are doing great. It is almost the weekend, so just hang on a lil bit longer.

Today I am going to review another Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. It is the Afterdark palette. It has been out for some time, but I ended up getting it on sale (of course).

Urban Decay Afterdark Palette

Price: $49 on Urban Decay Website

(You can get the palette $39 on sale right now)


I love Urban Decay eyeshadows. Anytime I find one of them on sale that I want, I get excited. I hate paying full price for anything. This palette did not disappoint. I love the bright colors in this palette. The colors are amazing. They feel so soft and go on so smooth.

The downside to this palette is that there is no matte shades in it. So you have to pair it with other eyeshadows for a transition shade.

I would highly recommend this palette. Even at the sale price they have right now for $39, I would recommend it. These eyeshadows are going to last all day for you and keep their color.

What Urban Decay palettes do y’all have, that I should buy?

Thanks for reading :),


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*~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part: 1)~*

Hey Y’all

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It is officially Monday :(. It is spring break here and it is going to be a busy week. We also had a very busy weekend here.

As many of y’all may know Wet n Wild came out with new eyeshadow palettes a couple of months ago. Some of them are not new shades, just reformulated. I have decided to break the review up into 2 parts, if not this would be a very long review. Today I want to focus on their palettes that have 10 different colors in them.

Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette

Price: $4.99 @ Wet n Wild



There are 4 different 10 pan palettes

Nude Awakening


This would be their nude palette of the 4. These are great colors and they have great transition shade. The shimmer shades you will have to spray them with setting spray or wet them for them to give the color pay off. They still show up without spraying them, but they are not that bright.

Rose in the Air


This is the palette I used to do my Valentine’s Day look (Valentine’s Day Makeup Look (All Drugstore) 🙂). These are great colors also. This is one of my favorite ones, I love the dark pink shade in this palette. I also pick up this palette a lot if I need a transition color for an eye look. If I am using a palette without one I grab this one because of the top transition shade.

Comfort Zone


This palette is my least favorite. This is all shimmer shades, minus the two transition colors. I feel if I wanted to make a full eye look, I would have to grab another eyeshadow palette, unless I put a shimmer shade all over the lid. Just like the other shimmers in the rest of the palettes, the light shimmer shades have to be wet to get the color pay off.

Not a Basic Peach

img_7164I feel that this palette is just so colorful. I look at this palette and I think Spring time. It would be a great palette to do an Easter look with. The down side to this palette, the top transition shade, if you are pale like me it does not show up at all.

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend these palettes. Yes, the light shimmer shades you have to spray with a setting spray to get a color pay off, but what do you expect with a drugstore eyeshadow palette. You can make many looks with one palette. I feel that there is a palette for every season. Another thing I love about these is, they are travel friendly. I don’t like to travel with huge eyeshadow palettes are expensive ones and these are travel friendly. If something ends up broke, you are just out of $5.

This is the look I came up with using all of the 4 palettes. I took colors from each one. Also, I am wearing the Revlon foundation again (testing it out even more ~* Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation*~)

Have y’all tried these palettes? What are y’all thoughts?

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