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*~*Softball Life*~*

Hey Y’ALL!!

Happy Saturday!! The weather is nice here (minus it being hot) and we have lots of plans today. I hope everyone is going to be out enjoying this nice weather. We have a busy day with our niece’s softball game, our softball practice, and then back to the strip. It rain last weekend so the antique cars couldn’t make it out, so they are having it again this week. I think we are going to ride the strip a lil bit, but take chairs this time to sit and watch mostly.

Last night we had our “First” game of the season. We lost, we got our butt kicked!! Yep, our team needs work. We have a pretty great team, but they are going to have to want to be a TEAM. Some of them have to learn there are no “I” in team. Also, we have a player we have to talk to about being nice to our other team members. Kids can be so mean these days. I think we are going to practice today and then Tuesday. Our next game is next Friday….wish us luck.

Today, we are going out to another ball field to help my brother. He is our assistant coach where we play at, but his girls play somewhere else and he coaches their team. My husband helps him out and of course, I get to hang with my 2 year old nephew. Plus, a friend runs ball out there and we told him we would help him anyway we can when he needs it.


I feel like now days we live and breathe softball. My husband wanted to coach and I said okay, if that is what you want to do go for it and then his mom sponsored us. I didn’t realize how much I would be involved in it. I am the one that keeps everything organized, contact parents about games and practices, plus standing in the dug out with them. I am also in charge of the batter line up making sure we have the correct batter going up when it is their turn. I remember telling my husband last year that, if he wanted Zander our son to play softball it was his thing. I did karate with him, I did my time, lol….but I guess it didn’t stick this year. I love being able to support my husband in wanting to coach and supporting my son playing sports.  Not a lot of parents get to do that. Plus, I use to be a preschool teacher and I love working with kids (that is why my house is always full of kids), it gives me a chance to do something I love…minus they are older kids.

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~Starting the Week off Right~

Hey Y’all!!


It’s the beginning of the week, but it is the end of the weekend. Is it just me or does the weekend always go by faster than the rest of the week?

Last week I am just going to call it like it was….I was LAZY!! I think I had a name everyday last week, but yesterday. I have been really unmotivated and just tried. I have no idea what has gotten into me at all. This week I want to change that.

Every week I make a list of things I need to either deep clean or things I clean monthly. My list is usually done by friend, this week I think I did like 3 things on it. I need to work on my motivation on getting things done. This week I want to finish that list and I want to paint my kitchen. I am also behind in how many miles I do a day walking because I have been lazy.

Something that has been really getting to me is my husband being on a different schedule then I am. When he first went to night shift it was suppose to be for a couple of months, we are 4 months in. Then, 2 weeks ago he was told he was going back to 1st shift this week…guess what…he got lied to again. I have been trying to be patient with it, but it is really getting to me. With us being a different schedules it is really hurting our marriage because we hardly get anytime together. I am praying he changes back soon.

This week, I AM getting back my motivation….I am going to be determined to get things done. I am also going to work on going to bed earlier. I also need to work on getting my daily list done and also my deep cleaning weekly list. I can do it…that is what I keep telling myself.

I hope everyone had a very blessed weekend with their family and I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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*~* May Goals *~*

Hey Y’All !!

Can y’all believe it is already May!! This year is just flying by, I swear. Here in Tennessee our school will be out in 25 days, 25 days till summer, wow.

Last month, I made monthly goals for the first time ever and I shared it with y’all. Let me tell ya that is the best decision. I didn’t achieve them all, but I achieve most of them. I figured because I had success with it last month sticking to them because I shared them with y’all, that I will share my May goals with y’all this month. This month, I think I made more goals because I wanted to challenge myself and there were so many things I really wanted to work on.

~May Goals~

  1. 100 Followers on my Blog

I need to focus more on my blog and I want to achieve at least 100 followers this month. I think it is a very achievable goal.

2. Daily Devotion Every Night

I want to make sure I am fitting my daily devotion every single night this month. It takes 21 days to make something a habit and there is 31 days in May.

3. Walk 125 miles this month

Yes, it seems like a lot, but I have been staying busy and getting miles in, but there are some days where I am lazy. I think this is another very achievable goal. Makes me want to work hard at it every single day. I figured it up it is only like 4.04 miles a day, lol.

4. Work on myself

I need to focus and work on myself. I feel like with my schedule being so busy, I hardly have time for myself and I need to work on myself and give time to myself for me to be the best I can be for everyone else that needs me.

5. No Sodas

I think this one is going to be the hardest. Last month I cut out Dr. Pepper completely and just stuck with water, lemon water, and Diet Mt. Dew. I only allow myself 1 Diet Mt. Dew a day and I want to cut that out completely. Like I said this is going to be the hardest for me to follow. It will be my challenge.

I think all of my goals are very achievable this month. What are some of y’alls May goals?

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~*Blog Changes*~

Hey Y’All

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.  I am working on my cleaning list for this week, which thankfully I am almost done with it. I am excited because my sister is bringing over her BIG Boxer tonight and I get to doggie sit for her. I am nervous a lil because my dogs inside are so much smaller, minus our Blue Heeler (which may be pregnant), but he knows her because my sister has watched her before. I have to hide my rabbit from him because he has killed rabbits before and mine lives in the house. Harley runs around, she is house trained (most people don’t know rabbits can be trained). I will end up putting her cage in my bedroom. This morning she beat up my dog Gunner….for some odd reason she just hates him, but loves our smaller dog Heaven (but she was raised with Heaven).

Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that there will be changes coming to my blog this week. I have decided not to only focus my blog just on beauty. I will be adding just everyday things, mainly lifestyle to it (I will still post about makeup and review products for y’all). As I thought about it my blog is called Southern Beauty and there is beauty in everything around us, not just in makeup….It is on everyday life, every minute, and every second of the day. I will also be looking at changing my theme also. Maybe just a whole site change in general. The name Southern Beauty will stay the same though.

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