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~*~ Summer Must Haves: Beauty Edition ~*~


Can y’all believe summer is almost over? If feels like this season has just flown by just like that.

I know in the summer a lot of people try to avoid wearing makeup because it just slides right off of your face, but I decided to put together some of my summer must haves for y’all. These products are my go to summer products to keep my looking flawless.

Please check out my video for all the Summer Must Haves. Also, please subscribe to my channel! Once I hit my first 100 subscribers I will be doing a giveaway and some of my summer must haves will be in the giveaway.



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~*~Life…it just happens!!~*~


I know, I know….I haven’t posted in over a month. Life has been a crazy one for sure. Instead of making a big long post about where I went and why I haven’t posted in forever, I decided to go ahead and do a Get Ready With Me video and explain things.

I wanted to record this video for y’all ASAP. I filmed the video during a stormy day, so I had to use my makeup lights, so the lighting is way off….I am so sorry. With that said I will post the video down below for y’all to watch.

Also, I have decided to go ahead and start my Youtube channel. I will be filming a lot to get videos up for y’all, but I will still be blogging off and on just not ass much. Please, make sure to subscribe to my channel for more makeup videos, plus much, much more because I won’t only be focusing on makeup videos.



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~*May Favorites*~


 I cannot believe that it’s the end of May! I can’t wait to go float the river and fish. I use to hate being on the water, but once I got with my husband I knew he loved the water and he got me use to it.

I have been loving so many products this month it was really hard to choose what needs to go on my favorite list. So I have decided the products I have been using the most will go on my favorites.

* The Big Happy Planner *


I got this planner near the end of last month. I felt with softball, school, and everything else that I needed a planner. I choose this one because it had everything I needed and you can buy and add pages. Mine didn’t start till July, but I bought a calendar expansion pack to make it work. I also bought the daily planner sheets to go in it. Every night I sit down and fill out the next day. It really helps me know what I need to do. I have a plan and it is wrote down.

* ELF Bronzer *


I got this bronzer back in December when ELF was having one of their sale events. I paid I wanna say 40 cents for it (I love their sales). I knew I would be able to wear it during the winter because it gives you that summer glow. I was digging through my draw one day and I seen it and I have used it almost everyday this month. I do feel that it didn’t have much product in it because was you can tell I have already hit pan. It is going to be gone in no time. I think you can get it at Wal-Mart for like $2.00.

* Covergirl Tru Blend Blush *


This is a item I have had for awhile, but kinda forgot about it because I have been trying other blushes. When I was digging around in my drawer when I found the bronzer, I also found this blush and I was like hey I need to start using this again. Once again this is another product I have been using almost every single day this month. I think it is the perfect summer color.

* YouVersion Bible App *


If you are looking for a great Bible app…this one is it. You can look at different translations and find the translation you like. They have several different bible studies you can do. You can also highlight and go back to a verse. This is the app I use when I do my daily devotions.

What was some of y’alls favorites this month?

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*Makeup Collection: Week 1: Bronzers*

Hey Y’all

Happy Tuesday!!

I have decided that every Tuesday I am to do a series for y’all. I want to give y’all a look into my makeup collection. I have decided to start with Bronzers. I decided to start with Bronzers because it is my smallest makeup collection I have, lol.


This is my smallest collection for the simple fact, once I found Physicians Formulas Butter Bronzer, I have yet to use another one.

E.L.F Bronzer

Price: $2.00 @ Wal-Mart


This leaves you with a GLOW. I have hardly ever used this because it does leave such a glow. To be honest I got this because ELF was having a sale on their website and it was like .30 cents (they have these sales, twice a year I think). I am a discount shopper, lol. This would be a good summer bronzer.

PUR Sculpt

Price: $14.99 @ Ulta (Comes in a kit: Quick Pro Portables Sculpt & Glow)


Again this is a product I got on sale (wanna say $7.00). It was a product I got because I needed a couple more dollars before I got free shipping. I would rather get a product than to have to pay for shipping.  For me the the first shade works great from bronzering and I can use the second shade for contour. The third shade is a shimmer, this isn’t something I would normally bronze or contour with. I have used this for traveling. It is very small.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Price: $13.23 @ Wal-Mart

If y’all read my drugstore favorites (** Favorite DRUGSTORE Beauty Products**) y’all know I love this bronzer. I don’t feel the need to buy another bronzer once I started using this one. I use this daily. It is the best! If you use a bronzer this is a must. Yes, it is up there in price, but you can usually find sales at Walgreens and Rite aid on makeup.

Next week I am going to share my highlighter collection with y’all. It is much bigger than my bronzer collection.

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