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~*~Life…it just happens!!~*~


I know, I know….I haven’t posted in over a month. Life has been a crazy one for sure. Instead of making a big long post about where I went and why I haven’t posted in forever, I decided to go ahead and do a Get Ready With Me video and explain things.

I wanted to record this video for y’all ASAP. I filmed the video during a stormy day, so I had to use my makeup lights, so the lighting is way off….I am so sorry. With that said I will post the video down below for y’all to watch.

Also, I have decided to go ahead and start my Youtube channel. I will be filming a lot to get videos up for y’all, but I will still be blogging off and on just not ass much. Please, make sure to subscribe to my channel for more makeup videos, plus much, much more because I won’t only be focusing on makeup videos.



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10 Random Facts About Me


I hope everyone is having a great weekend with their family. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have a lot of yard work to do and I want to work on the basement. We also have ball practice and right after we have to drive our son up to my parents house, which is a hour away for him to stay the night.

Today I wanted for my readers to get to know me better, with 10 random facts about me that even some of my friends don’t know and you would really have to know me real well to actually know.

1. I don’t wear matching socks.

The only time that you will find me in matching socks is if I bought a new pack of socks, but you can buy a pack of socks that don’t match. I started this years and years ago. I feel that life is to short to match socks.

2. I walk on my tip toes with no shoes on and I will stand on my tip toes with shoes on.

I have always done this since I could walk, my mom has told me. I don’t even notice it actually because I have done it all of my life. I did try to break myself one time because the muscles in my feet over lap randomly and it hurts. I gave up on breaking myself because I don’t even know I am doing it.

3. I have a Bunny that lives in the house, her name is Harley.

Yes, you read that right. I have a bunny that lives in my house, I use to have 2, but Honey died. Harley is a dwarf rabbit and she is fully house trained. She uses a certain spot in her cage for the bathroom. She will run around the house. She plays with our lil chihuahua, but our rat terrier is scared of her, and our blue heeler don’t even acknowledge her. I have a rabbit because growing up we use to raise them and on Easter my step dad killed my bunny and cooked it before I was home from church. I seen him kill it because he couldn’t catch it and every since then, I don’t eat rabbits and I tell my son when he goes hunting with my husband he isn’t allowed to kill a rabbit. I am waiting on that one day when he brings home a dead rabbit.

4. I have a phobia of mice and rats.

Funny thing is I use to have a mouse as a pet for years and I wasn’t afraid of it, but let me see one out dead or alive and I go into full on panic attack and screaming. I can’t deal with it. We live in a subdivision that has  fields next to it and we randomly get them in the house, especially in the basement and I will refuse to do laundry if I see one in the basement till it is caught. I have had friends that I have played pranks on and they have used my phobia to get me back.

5. I am the 4th out of 6 kids in my family.

I know huge family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My oldest sister got killed in a car accident when I was 11. I am very close to my other sister and I am close to only one of my brothers.

6. I love to fish, but I refuse to touch the fish unless I have a thick rag.

Since I was a teenager I have been like this. I use to be worse and not bite my own hook. I use to wear old shirts fishing because my parents use to make me remove my own fish and I use to use my shirt. I have taken my son fishing alone and I would take a glove. Now my wonderful husband takes my fish off for me.

7. I have a fear of drowning.

I have always had this fear and I couldn’t swim till I was like 25 and I am still not that great of a swimmer. I remember when my husband said we were going kayaking for the first time (we were dating then), I was scared to death and I told him. Now we own like 5 kayaks and I love being out on the water, but I am still trying to overcome my fear. I still get nervous. I think the only time I wasn’t nervous is last year when I have my nephew that was 1 at the time on the kayak with me. It was hits first time going and us taking all the kids and his mother and I just switched him from kayak to kayak all day. We always do an 8 mile trip when kayaking.

8. I bite my nails.

Yes, I am one of those people. I have gotten way better and hardly do it anymore. I use to get my nails done every 2 weeks to avoid me biting my nails, but I hate that it makes my nails so then.

9. Biggest pet peeve: Someone eating and scraping their teeth on the silverware.

I would rather hear fingernails across a black board instead of someone scraping their teeth on silverware when they are eating. I cannot stand it.

10. Favorite TV show Andy Griffith

I use to hate this show when I was growing up, but my husband got me addicted to it. During the weekdays this is what we watch before going to sleep. We got our nephew which is now 2 addicted to it. He will ask if Andy is on in the mornings and he knows once we pick my son up for school Andy is going to be on.

This was harder than I though coming up with random facts about me. I hope y’all have enjoyed learning a lil more about me.

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Thanks for reading,