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*~ Dollar Tree Haul & Giveaway Alert~*


I hope everyone is doing well on this Tuesday afternoon! Today has been very long for me, it’s like a never ending day!

The other day I decided to take a trip to the Dollar Tree to see what fall decor they had. I must say I was really bummed when my dollar tree hardly had anything left. I did manage to get enough items for a mini haul. Check out the video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Once I hit 100 subscribers on my Youtube Channel, I will be doing a giveaway!

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~*~ Summer Must Haves: Beauty Edition ~*~


Can y’all believe summer is almost over? If feels like this season has just flown by just like that.

I know in the summer a lot of people try to avoid wearing makeup because it just slides right off of your face, but I decided to put together some of my summer must haves for y’all. These products are my go to summer products to keep my looking flawless.

Please check out my video for all the Summer Must Haves. Also, please subscribe to my channel! Once I hit my first 100 subscribers I will be doing a giveaway and some of my summer must haves will be in the giveaway.



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*~ Grove Collaborative Haul *~

Hey Y’ALL!!

I hope everyone is doing great! I can’t believe it is already Wednesday. This week seems to be flying by and I feel like I still have so much to do.

Today I have decided I wanted to share with you my favorite site to buy my cleaning supply. Just to put this out there this blog post not the video was sponsored. I just love ordering from Grove Collaborative. When I first decided to start ordering from them, I thought it was to good to be true, but I have yet ran into any problems.

I have to say the products that they sell smell amazing!! I can’t wait to order the rest of the Fall scents. I am ready to decorate for fall and for my house to smell like Fall.

I just recently made an online order and I figured it was the perfect time to share this amazing company with y’all.

Please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. I have just recently started my Youtube channel and I want to build my community. I am planning a giveaway for my first 500 subscribers on my Youtube Channel.

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~*~Life…it just happens!!~*~


I know, I know….I haven’t posted in over a month. Life has been a crazy one for sure. Instead of making a big long post about where I went and why I haven’t posted in forever, I decided to go ahead and do a Get Ready With Me video and explain things.

I wanted to record this video for y’all ASAP. I filmed the video during a stormy day, so I had to use my makeup lights, so the lighting is way off….I am so sorry. With that said I will post the video down below for y’all to watch.

Also, I have decided to go ahead and start my Youtube channel. I will be filming a lot to get videos up for y’all, but I will still be blogging off and on just not ass much. Please, make sure to subscribe to my channel for more makeup videos, plus much, much more because I won’t only be focusing on makeup videos.



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*~* Peach Paradise….L’Oreal *~*

Hey Y’all!!

It’s officially hump day! I feel like this week is dragging. I think it is were I am just so wore out. I think I can sleep for days.

Well today, I have yet again more scented makeup. This makeup trend, I swear everyone is just hoping on that wagon.

*~ L’Oreal Paris Paradise Enchanted Scented Eyeshadow Palette ~*

Price: $ 11.97 @ Wal-Mart

This smells amazing, minus it isn’t as strong as the Covergirl peach punch. I am so in love with this palette. These colors are, so up my alley. These colors are so pretty, the blend well, they last all day, and they work together. This has been my go to palette this pasted week. I highly recommend this palette.

*~ L’Oreal Paradise Enchanted Fruit-Scented Blush ~*

Price: $ 10.97 @ Wal-Mart

They have these in different shades, but I got the shade bashful. This blush smells amazing also. Just like the eyeshadow, I am in love with this blush. This has been my go to blush since the beginning of the month. It is the prefect color for me. I highly recommend the blushes also.

L’Oreal has came out with great products. Because of the quality of these products, I would of bought these even if they weren’t scented.

Have y’all tried L’Oreals new products? If so what are y’alls thoughts?

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Thanks for reading,


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~* Fox in a Box…Hard Candy Cosmetics *~


I hope everyone is doing great! Here everything is going wonderful, so far. I can’t believe school starts back soon. Summer has gone by so fast!!Anyways… it just me or is the new makeup trend is making makeup small like fruits or chocolate??

I have several different makeup brands I have been testing out that has added scent into their new releases. Some have been a fail others not so much.Today I am reviewing Fox in a Box from Hard Candy that is scented!! I don’t use Hard Candy products, but these caught my eye when I was in Wal-Mart shopping around. I think there are 5 total, but I got 4 boxes. I got 2 blushes and 2 highlighters.


The package really caught my eye! They are so cute. It reminds me on pinup models.

First, before I start the product review I just want to point out that these don’t smell that amazing. I hate the smells. I feel like they could of done better with the scents!The products their self are okay. They highlighter gives a nice glow that is just right, you can see it there, but it isn’t blinding. I think out of the highlighters and the blushes, I would use the highlighters more. The blush is nice to, but I am not a fan of baked blushes…I like my blush matte. They did look nice on the skin, but you do have to work at building them up.

Have y’all tried the Hard Candy Fox in a Box?? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?Please, don’t forget to like this post and follow my blog!

Thanks for reading,sig

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*~Foreo Luna fofo…Is it worth the hype?? ~*

Hey Y’all!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I am getting  ready for a busy week ahead. We have our first tournament softball game tonight, I can’t believe softball season is almost over with.

If y’all have been on my blog y’all know I received that Foreo Luna fofo in my summer Fabfit Fun box. You see it all over Instagram and Youtube with people using it. I am here to give y’all an honest review on this product.

* Foreo Luna fofo *

Price: $89.00 @ Sephora

This is a silicone cleansing brush that has it’s own app to let you know all about your skin. Well, honestly I wouldn’t say all about your skin it will let you know how moisturized your face is basically.

This was mine yesterday, you can tell I am having a dry skin moment and it didn’t help that I accidentally used an oil control setting spray. When I received this product in my box, I was excited to start using it.

~ My Honest Review ~

I hate this thing. I have tried to clean my face with it a couple of times and I feel like it doesn’t really get the job done. Also, with the app, it will give you different readings back to back. I have played around with it and honestly I feel like it is a huge gimmick. For the price, it’s a joke. I don’t even use mine anymore. It is actually going in my bad bin for me to give away to someone that will actually get use out of it.

Have y’all tried the Foreo Luna? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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Thanks for reading,



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*~ Happy Sunday ~*

Hey Y’ALL !!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I know in my house we are spending some quality family time together. I am hoping today will be a lazy Sunday!

This week is yet another busy week here in our house. Our tournments start tomorrow night for softball and Tuesday night we have to work concessions….that shall be fun. Also, I have to go and pick up my step son, which I have never picked him up by myself. I hope there is no drama.

I know also this week I have to catch up on my house work. Where we have been go, go, go I am so far behind.

This week I have a lot of stuff planned for blog post, so please look out for more reviews and I think this week is when I am retesting products from the bad bin of makeup before I throw or give everything away! I am curious if my opinion has changed on any of the products!

Well, sorry this is a short post, but I am ready for bed! I am writing this post right before midnight and I am ready to knock out.

Thanks for reading,


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~* Chocolate Scented Lipstick *~


Happy Weekend!! I hope everyone is having a great one!

Okay is it just me or is makeup companies taking scented makeup to the extreme. This month I have a lot of scented makeup to review. Today, I am bring y’all chocolate scented and flavored lipstick.

~ L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Lipstick ~

Price: $7.97 @ Wal-Mart


Let me tell y’all, I was sooooo excited when I seen these were coming out. I love the infallible lipsticks and I thought it would was a great ideal to make them chocolate scented. They really smell like chocolate. I do feel like the color range is dark and more on the fall color side.

As y’all can see I ended up picking up 2 different shades! I just got the shades I thought I would wear. This product was a let down!! I don’t know if they changed their formula or what, but I put these on and within minutes it was flaking off my lips. It looked horrible. I know it is bad when my husband says something and he did that day. He thought something was wrong with my lips. I feel that they could of kept the old formula and made them smell like chocolate. I wouldn’t recommend these at all.

Have y’all tried these new lipsticks? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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Thanks for reading,



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~*~ Maybelline Superstay Stick Foundation ~*~

Hey Y’all!!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We are still recovering. We spent the day on the water and yesterday we had to drive 3 hours away to pick up a Jeep we decided to buy. I am hoping today is spent relaxing.

I was so excited when Maybelline came out with their 24 hours Superstay foundation. I tested it and I have a love hate relationship with it. Maybelline has recently came out with the Superstay stick foundation. I have only used one other stick foundation and that was the Maybelline Fit Me foundation stick and I hated it, but I wanted to give this foundation stick a go.


Price: $9.98 @ Wal-Mart

I got three different shades because it says you can conceal and contour with these also. I wanted to test to see if it actually worked with concealing and contouring. I have to say I like this foundation, it does okay. It looks good on the skin. I love using a sponge, but with this foundation, I use a brush. It blends so much better with a brush. You do have to add more I feel to get at least a medium coverage.

With using this to conceal and contour, I would pass. I tried to conceal my undereye and let me tell you, it creased so badly, it looked so awful. The contouring was okay, but I like powder to contour.

I feel that there is a huge down side to this foundation . As you can see below you do not get a lot of product. Also, the sponge on it, does not work at all. I feel that they would of reduced the price, if they left out the sponge or not put the sponge on and gave more product.

All and all, if you are using this foundation as a foundation, it is worth it. I wouldn’t use it to conceal or contour. It does last in the heat, which I was surprised. I would recommend this product.

Have y’all used this new foundation? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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Thanks for reading,