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*~Foreo Luna fofo…Is it worth the hype?? ~*

Hey Y’all!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. I am getting  ready for a busy week ahead. We have our first tournament softball game tonight, I can’t believe softball season is almost over with.

If y’all have been on my blog y’all know I received that Foreo Luna fofo in my summer Fabfit Fun box. You see it all over Instagram and Youtube with people using it. I am here to give y’all an honest review on this product.

* Foreo Luna fofo *

Price: $89.00 @ Sephora

This is a silicone cleansing brush that has it’s own app to let you know all about your skin. Well, honestly I wouldn’t say all about your skin it will let you know how moisturized your face is basically.

This was mine yesterday, you can tell I am having a dry skin moment and it didn’t help that I accidentally used an oil control setting spray. When I received this product in my box, I was excited to start using it.

~ My Honest Review ~

I hate this thing. I have tried to clean my face with it a couple of times and I feel like it doesn’t really get the job done. Also, with the app, it will give you different readings back to back. I have played around with it and honestly I feel like it is a huge gimmick. For the price, it’s a joke. I don’t even use mine anymore. It is actually going in my bad bin for me to give away to someone that will actually get use out of it.

Have y’all tried the Foreo Luna? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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