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*~* E.L.F Week: Day 5….Last Day *~*

Hey Y’all!!

I can’t believe this is the last day of ELF week. I know I have said this in my other posts this week, but I have really enjoyed testing out all of these products. There was a lot of bad products, but there were some winners. I love ELF makeup, they are a great makeup brand that is very affordable. I like that there are certain times of the year that they have a huge sale and you can get stuff as low as like 20 cents. You can rake up on some makeup!

* All Over Highlighting Sticks *

I got these products because I was curious. It said online wear them alone all over your face or use as highlighter. These are 2 of the worse products I have tested this week. They don’t blend out and they grab at certain areas of my face. On top of that they make me look oily.

* Lip Crayon *


I think it is called something else minus a lip crayon, but right now it isn’t coming to my mind. This is a great nude color. I have used this product a lot. I actually want to go buy more shades of this product.

* ELF Balm *


Ok so one of these colors is a hit and the other is a miss. The nude color, I wear it a lot. It goes on great. The bright pink color, it goes on patchy and I hate it. I know the package says lip balm, but they are more like a hydrating lipstick.

* ELF Kiss Lip Balm*


This is another winner. I ordered several of these. I keep some on my makeup vanity and I keep some in my purse. These lip balms are worth the money.

* ELF Mascara *


The last item in this ELF week reviews is this mascara. This mascara is a fail. I don’t like this mascara. It doesn’t give me the volume or length I want. Also, it runs and doesn’t stay on long. I hate mascara that flakes off through out the day.

 I really hope y’all enjoyed this week of E.L.F reviews. Tell me what E.L.F products do y’all like and dislike?

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