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~*~ E.L.F Week: Day 3 ~*~


It is day 3 of ELF week!! I have tried so many products from ELF doing this. I have ran into some products that works and some that haven’t worked. I think there was more that didn’t work, so I skipped ELF’s big sale that was last week (if could still be going on, I am unsure).

Today I am going to focus on some of the palettes that ELF has.

~ ELF Prism Eyeshadow Palette ~


I really love this eyeshadow palette. You do have to use setting spray with them or use a glitter primer. I always use a glitter primer with them. I love the size of it because it is travel friendly. It even has a small mirror. I do have a new one that I did get for free that I am going to put in a future giveaway on my blog!

~ ELF Bronzer Palette ~


This palette is awful!! Yep….it is horrible. I tried to use it as a bronzer and I also tried to contour with it. This looks so muddy on the face. With 4 different colors , it seems to me you never get the same color, one minute its darker and the next minute it is a lighter color. This is another product going into my bad bin!!

~ ELF Mini Eyeshadow Palettes ~

I tested out 2 of these palettes. I love eyeshadow, so when I seen these in the sale I had to have them. As you can tell by the swatches, these eyeshadow palettes are a HUGE PASS! Some of the colors don’t show up and the others you have to build and build the colors, plus they don’t last that long. ELF has great eyeshadows, but these palettes aren’t. I don’t like that they don’t have a crease color.

Have y’all ever used any of these products from ELF? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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