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*~ E.L.F Week Day 1~*

Hey Y’All

I have so many ELF products that I have decided to have an ELF week here on my blog! I have a lot of products because ELF a couple times a year has a huge sale and you can buy stuff as cheap as 20 cents on up. I take full advantage of this sale every single time.


As you can tell I have a lot. I decided to gather everything up I haven’t used and test it out and do a review for y’all. So, the next 5 days is going to be reviewing ELF products. I have found some gems and I have found some products that weren’t worth buying.

~ ELF Baked Highlighter ~



This highlighter is great when you want just a little bit of a glow. First, you have to get past the hard top cover on it. You know how some makeup has that weird top coat that is pointless, this highlighter has it. With baked products you can use them wet, but I don’t recommend using this wet because I see it messing up your makeup. If you don’t like a blinding highlight I would recommend this product!

~ ELF Lip Gloss ~



I was nervous when trying this product out because it looks GOLD in the tube. Once you put it on your lips it does not look gold. This is nice when you put it on top of a nude lipstick. This is a great lip gloss.

~ ELF Shimmer Palette ~



This palette you are suppose to be able to use them as an eyeshadow, highlight or on your lips. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend using them as a highlight or an eyeshadow. These work great on your lips, but they do not last long. They are to slippery to wear as a highlight or eyeshadow. This is one ELF product I would pass up.

~ ELF Lip Palette ~



This palette has 2 different colors and then it has a top coat to put over it to make it shimmery. I had high hopes for this palette because I thought it would be great for traveling. Well, my hopes are no more. These go on patchy and the more you try to build them up the worse they get. Plus, they don’t last long at all.

I really hope y’all enjoy day 1 of ELF week. I have many more products I will be reviewing and writing about this week!

What ELF products do y’all love?

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Thanks for reading,


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