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~*~ The Weirdest Makeup Primer ~*~

Hey Y’all

I don’t know about y’all, but this heat is going to get the best of me before summer even starts. I am just glad it is Sunday where I can get some things done around the house!

Today I wanna talk about the weirdest makeup primer. I have heard several people talk about it and I just had to try it.

*~ Monistat Chafing Gel ~*

Yep….Monistat!!! This is suppose to be a great primer for you to have that flawless look. The only active ingredient in this is Dimethicone, which primers that is suppose to hide your pores has in it. I wanted to give it a shot, I though hey I can look flawless, minus I am running the risk of clogging my pores.

Is it useful as a Primer?

Ha ha ha ha ha….When I first applied this, I was like yes no more pores. Who doesn’t want flawless makeup right? Well, I wished I would of checked my makeup before I went to dinner. I almost have no foundation left on my face. My face looks all patchy were my makeup rubbed off in my T zone where I put it. I am going to pass on using this as a primer again. If you choose to use it as a primer, remember if you use it to often it can clog your pores!

Have any of y’all ever use Monistat as a primer? If so, how did it work for you?

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