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~*Magic Feet….??*~

Hey Y’all!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a blast this past weekend. I am just glad to relax.

Today I wanna talk about a magic foot peel….is it even possible??

~ Foot Peeling Shoes ~

Price: $6.50 @ Ulta


I seen so many reviews on this, so it was a must have for me to try it out and test it. After a couple of weeks you are suppose to have smooth feet. I have seen peoples pictures where their feet skin was just peeling off from the peel. When I tested out this product, I didn’t have a lot of skin peel off like I have seen in reviews. I had a couple of pieces here and there, but nothing to say hey this is working. I did end up with smoother feet though. I will say if you have nail polish on your toes or have self tanner on this will make both come off. It takes over a hour to do this food peel, so if you are going to invest in this foot peel be prepared to sit down for a hour to a hour and a half.

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