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~*Eyeliner Showdown*~


I have yet again decided to do a showdown post because every time I do one, it seems to be popular. Eyeliner is something I haven’t talked about a lot on my blog, so lets have an eyeliner showdown!!

*Let the Showdown Begin*

~ Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in Black ~


This is my go to eyeliner for my water line. It took me forever to find an eyeliner that would work great in my water line. I didn’t want to have raccoon eyes from my eyeliner. I would highly recommend this eyeliner!

~ Maybelline Curvitude Eyeliner ~


I ended up buying this eyeliner when I was practicing on doing wing liner, I must say it didn’t disappoint. I love that it has the curve on it, makes it much easier to hold when doing your eyeliner.

~ Revlon ColorStay Exactify Liquid Eyeliner ~


I bought this just to try it because it looks like a mini pizza cutter. It is okay. The tip of it isn’t my favorite. I sometimes will use an eyeliner brush to put this eyeliner on. I like the eyeliner formula, but because of the tip I won’t buy this eyeliner again.

~ Wet N Wild Skinny Eyeliner ~


This tip is so tiny. This is great for getting your wing or if you want a thin like of eyeliner. I wouldn’t use this eyeliner for a full wing, it would take forever. You can use this to touch up your wing, which is what I do, it really helps. It is worth the money.

What are some of y’alls favorite eyeliners?

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