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*~*June Goals*~*


I am enjoying sharing my monthly goals with y’all. It gives me more motivation to actually complete my goals. I thought long and hard on this months goals and what I want to achieve. I think I have chosen great goals this month for me to achieve.

* Read at least 2 books

I know to some 2 books does not sound like much, but I haven’t read a book in a very long time. Because of my schedule has changed with babysitting, I want to start taking my son to the library weekly/bi-weekly to get him in on this reading goal of mine. I seen last month a lot of blogs I read about monthly goals, they have a reading goal in it. I want to add one in my goals this month.

* 30 – Day Challenge

I think I have decided that every month I need to have at least one exercise goal because I really want to start losing weight again. If y’all read my PCOS post (*~May 17th PCOS Advocacy Day~*), it is really hard for me to lose weight because of my PCOS. I need to start getting my butt in gear.  This month I have decided that I want to do a 30 – Day challenge. Well I am going to do 4 of them! I can’t wait till the end of the month to see my results.


* Stay offline One Day A Week

Technology consumes us, I want to get away from that. I want to reserve one day a week to stay offline. No internet at all.

*Try one new recipe a week

We use to try a new recipe a month and then it all went down hill, we got busy and we just forgot about doing it. I want to bring it back I want to try one new recipe a week this month.

* Daily Devotion Everyday

I know this was a goal last month and I achieved it, but I want to continue it. I also started a journal. I have been using the YouVerison app and I have been doing 2 bible studies at once. I have been focusing on parenting and marriage during my bible studies.

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