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*~*May Wrap Up*~*


It is the end of May!! This year is flying by, but I do feel that this month slowed down some. We are almost half done with this year and that’s just crazy to me. Feels like we just got done with Christmas.

May was a great month for me . I almost achieved all of my goals. The only one I did not achieve was 100 followers, I am less than 10 away from it between my regular followers and email followers. I almost got it. Everything else I accomplished. I am very proud of myself, especially with doing my daily devotion and getting my 125 miles in (because I started the month out slow).   I am ready to start my June goals!!

This month I felt, like I was on the go all the time. Between picking my son up from school, getting my brothers kids off the bus, softball practices, softball games, and just life. I know June is going to be busy to, but I am ready for it. I think in June I need to be even more organized because my house is going to be filled with kiddos all month. So far I have survived the first full week of kids being out of school.

How did y’alls May go? Anything exciting happen?

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