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*~Self Tanning…..Take 2~*


I have been trying the other Jergens Natural Glow and this is my update. If you haven;t read my other blog post how my last self tanning went wrong please read it (*~*Self Tanning Gone Wrong*~*).

I started using this self tanner once I got the other self tanner off of me. I hated having to start back from the beginning, with self tanning.

*Jergens Natural Glow*

Price: $8.65 @ Wal-Mart…mine had a $1.00 coupon


Since the other one from Jergens failed me, I was nervous about starting this one. I must say this one is pretty good. I wouldn’t suggest skipping a day of using it because you are suppose to use it daily. I did and then now I am waiting for the color to go away from me to start all over once again. That s the only problem I had with this one. I skipped a day and when I showered that night it was already coming off in spots, but that was my fault because it says that use daily!! I would recommend this product to y’all, if y’all are like me and don’t want to lay in the tanning bed, but want those summer legs.

What self tanners do y’all use?

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