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~*~Happy Memorial Day~*~

Hey Y’ALL…Happy Memorial Day!!

Today we honor the men and women who have died while serving their country. As Americans, we usually go out and have a weekend on the lake or do something to spend time with out family. This is a great reminder that we won’t always have our loved ones around us.

Saturday was very special to. My nieces play ball close to our family cemetery and I have been wanting to go. My sister, my dad, my granny, my grandpa, my great grandparents, and my niece is buried there. It is really hard to go, so I have been putting it off. Saturday, I decided to go and I can’t believe it my sister and my brother came with. They already had to American flags placed on my dad’s grave and my grandpas grave.

Sunday we decided to have a day out on the water and fish. I had a lot of anxiety because my son was learning how to use the trolling motor and drive the boat. We caught a few fish and we enjoyed ourselves. I did use sunscreen and only one shoulder and part of my back got burned badly. It hurts, lol.

Please remember to honor those who gave their lives for our country, for us to have freedom to spend time with our family.

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