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~*~ Face Mask Showdown~*~

Hey Y’ALL!!

I decided that my mascara showdown was popular I would do a face mask showdown. I have to admit I do not have a face mask that I just love and can’t live without.

~ELF hydrating Bubble Mask~


This mask is okay. I bought this because I use ELF skincare products daily. This does hydrate the skin very well. My problem is, this makes me have a burning feeling on my face. It doesn’t give me an allergic reaction or anything, just the burning feeling is annoying.

~ Face Mask Trio ~


I honestly don’t know the brand of these mask. I do know I bought them at Wal-Mart and they came in a trio pack. It also came with an applicator, which I thought was cool. Each one is suppose to do something different, but I feel like that all do the same. They make my skin feel so smooth when I use these mask.

~ Laneige: Water Sleeping Mask ~


I got this in one of my beauty boxes. Out of all of these mask, I would say this one was my favorite. When I use this, I do not wake up with a red face. This little container I have used a lot and I still have a couple more uses. I think I will end up buying the full size once I use the rest of this one.

~ Sephora Mud Mask ~


I got this in my Sephora Play box this month and I have tested it out. I hate this mud mask. I felt like it did nothing at all and the next morning I woke up and my face was extra oily. The only thing I did different in my skincare was this mask.

What face mask’s do y’all recommend?

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