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*~*Summer Makeup Tips*~*


Summer is right around the corner…literally, even though it already feels like summer now. In the summer, I know I don’t want to be all dolled up and my makeup just sweat off…all my hard work would be gone, lol. I also don’t want to have a full coverage foundation on every single day, I like to go more natural in the summer. I am here today to share some summer makeup tips with y’all.

* Instead of regular foundation…use a BB Cream

BB Creams are more light weight. I would suggest a BB Cream with SPF in it.

* Instead of Lipstick….use a lip gloss

If you do decide to wear a lipstick wear a summer color like a nude, pink, or do a coral. Summer is the time I mainly use lip gloss daily. I will only do a lipstick unless I am going somewhere special.

* Do away with the Dark Smokey Eye

It’s the summer, if you do a smokey eye make it colorful. I usually just do a cream eyeshadow on my eye or I do a light natural look on my eyes.

* If you are doing a no makeup day…REMEMBER to still put on SPF

I cannot stress this enough. You always need to wear SPF outside. If I am wearing a product that doesn’t have a SPF, I will put it under my makeup. I have a couple of products I do use (**Protecting Your Skin**).

* Nail Polish, do bright colors, summer colors…do away with the dark colors

There are some pretty summer colors out there for nails. I never wear dark nails during the summer.

What are some tips y’all have for the summer?

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