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~*~ Physicians Formula: Butter Collection Palette…Limited Edition~*~

Hey Y’ALL!!

Happy Sunday to everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The weather here cannot make up it’s mind. One minute it is raining the next it isn’t. Rain is in the forecast in the morning, then wake up and it changes throughout the day. I feel that we just skipped Spring because when it isn’t raining, it is so hot already. This week here in my lil ole town in Tennessee, is the last week of school and the kiddos are on summer break.

It took me forever to find this Physicians Formula Limited Edition palette. When they say Limited Edition….they really mean limited edition. They sold out online quickly and the only other place to get it is Walmart. At my Walmart they only had 1 end cap of these and they were going fast. Today they only had 2 left. I am hoping I am not to late making this post for y’all to go out and find it.

Price: $11.88 @ Wal-Mart

If you love the butter bronzer they have, this limited edition palette is a must have. This includes a butter bronzer, a blush, and 2 highlights. The medium/dark palette has their darker bronzer and has a darker blush, they both have the same highlights.  They finally bottled that great smell up…if you have used the butter bronzer you will know exactly the smell I am talking about. I am hoping they start selling the perfume now…hoping it just isn’t limited edition.

I think the best thing about this is the price. Physicians Formula isn’t cheap and for $11.88 @ Wal-mart, you can’t buy their butter bronzer for that price. Like I said this is a must have if you love Physicians Formula. I am hoping y’all can find it in stores.

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