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*~Makeup Gimmick~*

Hey Y’ALL!!

What a day!!! Seriously, I don’t think nothing went as planned today. My son came home yesterday with a headache and he woke up this morning still with a headache and a fever. We had to take a trip to the doctor and then to the hospital for more test. Thank God he is okay.

Y’all…the word gimmick is a word I have NEVER used here on my blog before, but there is nothing else to call it, but a gimmick. In my Allure box, I received a sample of The Original Makeup Eraser and I finally tested it out. As y’all can already tell some of my thoughts by the title of this blog.

Y’all, I laughed so hard when I opened this. I was expecting something totally different. To me it looks like: 1. a cloth you would wash a car with or 2. a blanket. I still gave it a try because it is suppose to work wonders. Guess what…it didn’t work wonders. It pulls at the skin and it does not remove your makeup all that easy, I even used it with my facial cleanser and it still pulled at my skin. You can caught up a blanket or go buy cloths you wash cars with for less than this makeup eraser is…it’s $20, it is crazy.

Have any of y’all ever used this? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

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