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*Nightly Routine…Winding Down*


I hope everyone’s Monday was great, but I do understand it is Monday. I know I usually post earlier in the day, but my day was busy, busy, busy.

While I am winding down for the night, I thought my nightly routine would be a great post for today.

Right now my husband is on night shift (I am so ready for him to be back on his normal schedule), so during the week my night time routine is different than my weekend nightly routine, but not by much.

1. Shower

I am one of these people that have to have a shower at night, if not I feel dirty especially waking up in the morning. I also do my skincare routine after I get out of the shower.

2. Daily Devotion

Right now I am using an app on my phone and also a 3-minute devotions for women. I love it because it is a journal, so I can write down my thoughts after reading. This is my quiet time, no one is around (but my fur babies), and I can focus more on what I am reading. I take it in way better and it makes my soul feel so much better,

3. My Daily Planner

Last month one of my goals was to get more organized and one of the steps I took was getting myself a planner. I decided to get the Happy Planner and I love it. I also bought daily sheets for it, were every day I have something to check off to make sure I done everything for the day. What I love about these sheets is, it has a grateful for part and I always list what I am grateful for that day. I make sure I have everything planned out for the next day, were I know exactly what I need to do when I wake up.

4. Catching up on my Youtube Videos

This is the one thing that is different during the week vs. the weekend. I use to watch my youtube videos in pick up line waiting on school to get out, but I decided I would start watching them as I was doing my planner and just winding down for the day.

As you can tell my nightly routine is short and sweet. I just want to be relaxed before trying to go to sleep because I do have insomnia. I am finding the more relaxed I am the better I sleep and preparing myself for the next day, I am WAY less stressed.

What are y’alls nightly routine?

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Thanks for reading,



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