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~Starting the Week off Right~

Hey Y’all!!


It’s the beginning of the week, but it is the end of the weekend. Is it just me or does the weekend always go by faster than the rest of the week?

Last week I am just going to call it like it was….I was LAZY!! I think I had a name everyday last week, but yesterday. I have been really unmotivated and just tried. I have no idea what has gotten into me at all. This week I want to change that.

Every week I make a list of things I need to either deep clean or things I clean monthly. My list is usually done by friend, this week I think I did like 3 things on it. I need to work on my motivation on getting things done. This week I want to finish that list and I want to paint my kitchen. I am also behind in how many miles I do a day walking because I have been lazy.

Something that has been really getting to me is my husband being on a different schedule then I am. When he first went to night shift it was suppose to be for a couple of months, we are 4 months in. Then, 2 weeks ago he was told he was going back to 1st shift this week…guess what…he got lied to again. I have been trying to be patient with it, but it is really getting to me. With us being a different schedules it is really hurting our marriage because we hardly get anytime together. I am praying he changes back soon.

This week, I AM getting back my motivation….I am going to be determined to get things done. I am also going to work on going to bed earlier. I also need to work on getting my daily list done and also my deep cleaning weekly list. I can do it…that is what I keep telling myself.

I hope everyone had a very blessed weekend with their family and I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Thanks for reading,


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