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~*~Beauty Hacks….I Swear By~*~


Today I wanted to share some of my beauty hacks. Either I use these beauty hacks now or I have used them in the past and they have worked for me. Y’all may or may not have heard of some of them.  The ones y’all haven’t heard of, y’all must try because these all work.

~Beauty Hacks~

  • To prevent clumps in your mascara, run the tube of mascara under hot water. No more clumps.
  • To get that perfect eyeshadow line and the perfect eyeliner wing, use tape. I suck up doing wing eyeliner, so when I do it, I use scotch tape. Works every time.
  • Want to curl your hair, but have no time…this is a hack for you. Put your hair up in a ponytail and curl the ponytail in sections, let your hair down, and bam your hair is curled.
  • Use a product for more than one thing. Like bronzer, you can use it as your crease color or even use your highlight as eyeshadow. Less makeup to pack when traveling.
  • We all want that summer glow. Mix your highlighter in with your body lotion. You will have your summery glow.
  • If y’all are like me I hate shaving my legs. They feel so dry afterward,but I have found that if you use conditioner as your shaving cream. Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated.
  • Cuticles can get dry, especially if you have your nails down often. Use a clear lip balm to hydrate your cuticles.
  • Talking about nails…everyone likes a french mani, but it is hard to get it even….use a rubber band.
  • It’s summer and if you have thick thighs like I do, that can equal chafing. Put deodorant on your inner thighs, it prevents chafing.
  • If you use dry shampoo, I have learned that if you put in it your hair at night, it works way better than doing it first thing  in the morning.

What beauty tricks do you use? What beauty tricks have you tried that hasn’t worked for you?

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