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*~* May Goals *~*

Hey Y’All !!

Can y’all believe it is already May!! This year is just flying by, I swear. Here in Tennessee our school will be out in 25 days, 25 days till summer, wow.

Last month, I made monthly goals for the first time ever and I shared it with y’all. Let me tell ya that is the best decision. I didn’t achieve them all, but I achieve most of them. I figured because I had success with it last month sticking to them because I shared them with y’all, that I will share my May goals with y’all this month. This month, I think I made more goals because I wanted to challenge myself and there were so many things I really wanted to work on.

~May Goals~

  1. 100 Followers on my Blog

I need to focus more on my blog and I want to achieve at least 100 followers this month. I think it is a very achievable goal.

2. Daily Devotion Every Night

I want to make sure I am fitting my daily devotion every single night this month. It takes 21 days to make something a habit and there is 31 days in May.

3. Walk 125 miles this month

Yes, it seems like a lot, but I have been staying busy and getting miles in, but there are some days where I am lazy. I think this is another very achievable goal. Makes me want to work hard at it every single day. I figured it up it is only like 4.04 miles a day, lol.

4. Work on myself

I need to focus and work on myself. I feel like with my schedule being so busy, I hardly have time for myself and I need to work on myself and give time to myself for me to be the best I can be for everyone else that needs me.

5. No Sodas

I think this one is going to be the hardest. Last month I cut out Dr. Pepper completely and just stuck with water, lemon water, and Diet Mt. Dew. I only allow myself 1 Diet Mt. Dew a day and I want to cut that out completely. Like I said this is going to be the hardest for me to follow. It will be my challenge.

I think all of my goals are very achievable this month. What are some of y’alls May goals?

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