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Motivation Lost….If Found Please Return!


Happy Monday…..for me not really. I am dragging this morning. It is only 10:00 a.m here on this Monday morning and I am already ready for a nap. My weekend was busy, busy, busy and now it is Monday. I have had no time to relax I feel like.

I will start with my Saturday. I feel like once my feet hit the floor Saturday, it was go, go, go. We had our first ball practice, which was great, but everything before and after ball practice was busy. I had my sisters boxer this weekend, that meant 4 dogs in the house and we had to keep my sisters boxer and our blue heeler separate because the boxer attacked our blue heeler. It was an entertaining time. Our small dogs were afraid, but they all survived. Before ball practice we had to go pick up a pitcher’s mask for our team and had to make a water cooler of Gatorade. After ball practice, my son wanted to go stay the night with my mom and step dad and we had to drive a hour to go drop him off. I wished my parents lived closer.

Sunday….my plan was to go to church, but I didn’t. My husband bought a new alarm clock and he said he was setting the new alarm to see if it would wake him, but guess what….the alarm did not go off. Yep, he didn’t turn it on after setting it. I woke up after 10, I guess I needed the rest. After my sister picked up her dog, we had to drive all the way back to go pick up our son, then we drove a hour in the other direction to go to the batting cage. We didn’t get home till late and I had to wake up and take our son to school this morning.

So, with my busy weekend and then no sleep last night, my motivation is now gone. I have no clue where it went, all I know is I need it back. I have to get ready to go into town with my husband and nephew because I have a lot to do in town. I have to grocery shop and run to the dollar tree to get more items to organize the house.So…if yo see where my motivation went please return it to me.

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