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*~My Secret to Kissable Lips~*

Hey Y’All

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a busy weekend in my house. We had to go shopping for softball gear Saturday and Sunday we had to work on the house. You know when people jokes about a dryer eating your socks, well the more high tech washers can really eat your socks. My husband had to take the drum out because our washer was throwing up a code and under the drum were socks….I am still trying to figure out how do clothes get under the drum.

But anyways….Today I want to share my secret to having kissable lips, especially during the colder months.

We have all been there, dry lips, flaky lips, and you just feel that your chapstick isn’t helping at all. I know I have a huge problem with that. I have chapstick in my purse, on my end table, on my night stand, in my pocket, on my makeup vanity, I have it everywhere. Well, recently I found the most wonderful thing to use for my lips that actually helps.

*Ulta Juice Infused Lip Oil*

Price: $9.00 each

I have 3 different ones: Black Raspberry, Jojoba & Peach, and Sweet Rose. Ulta has 5 different ones, I have yet found the other 2 in stock. As you can tell the peach on is my favorite one to use and honestly I would not buy sweet rose again. It smells just like a rose, love the smell, but the taste isn’t for me. I feel like when I use these they just hydrate my lips so much and last way longer than chapstick does on my lips. These lip oils are not a bad price at all. Plus, right now you can order from Ulta and get one free because they are having a buy 2 get 1 free sale. If you have a problem with dry lips, I highly recommend these lip oils.

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