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~*~Makeup Revolution Baking Powders~*~

Hey Y’all

How are y’all today? I am glad it is finally the weekend. The weekend is the time I get to sleep in and just relax.

If you are someone who “bakes” you are going to want to read this post. I think I found the best baking powder out there for a drugstore price. The Makeup Revolution caught my eye when I was watching YouTube videos. I seen Tati review the Ghost Baking Powder from Makeup Revolution, which it look like a HUGE fail, but I also watch Casey Holmes and she loves the Banana Baking Powder from Makeup Revolution. So, last month when I was hinting the makeup sales I ended up ordering the Makeup Revolution Lace Baking Powder and the Makeup Revolution Banana Baking Powder. I got both because the Lace, I think will be to light for me in the summer to use, so I went ahead and got the Banana Baking Powder also.

*Makeup Revolution Baking Powders*

Price: $8.00 each @


I am so glad I bought these baking powders. I use the lace a lot because I am pretty fair right now and the banana is currently a little to dark for me. I LOVE these, they brighten and set your under eye. They wipe off easy with a brush and it is perfection. I have tried several drugstore powders to bake with and I have found a winner. In the lace and the banana baking powders. For the $8 they are well worth the price. The good thing is, you can watch for an Ulta sale or you can see if you can find a coupon to use to get these cheaper than $8.00.

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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