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~*Make Up For Ever Review*~

Hey Y’all!!

I’m back!! I want to give y’all an update before jumping into my Make Up For Ever review on some products. Up until recently I have been posting every day in March and I am going to try to keep on from here on out to keep that up, but there may be times when I do not have a post for the day. My husband and I decided to coach our son softball team this year, so I am going to be busy busy.

I wanted to do a review on 2 of the products I got in my Allure box last month. It was my first month getting the Allure box and I am slowly testing out the products I received. Today I decided to test out the Make Up For Ever foundation I received and also the Make Up For Ever lipstick I received.

~Make Up For Ever  Ultra HD Foundation~

Price: $43.00 (30 ml)


First, this shade was a little bit to dark for me, but I ended up making it work in the end. This is the sample size I was sent and I was not happy with the pump. It barely squirts out anything so it to awhile to get enough just to do one side of my face. This is suppose to be a buildable foundation and suppose to be a natural finish. I would have to say this foundation is very buildable to medium coverage. It applied nicely with a sponge. Today I was being slow at getting around, so I put on my makeup later than usual say 11 am (I usually put it on around 9 am). I normally have to blot around 3 pm….OMG with this foundation I looked like a total grease ball around 1 pm. After blotting 2 hours later bam, I was once a grease ball again. I have combo skin and this foundation did not work out for me. Maybe when my sky is on the drier side say winter time, it may work, but right now no.

Have y’all tried this foundation? If so, what are y’alls thoughts?

*Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick: C211 Rose Wood*

Price: $22.00


This sample size was the cutest thing ever. it was so small, which I have lipstick samples smaller, but this sample size I just loved. This was the perfect color for me, I lean toward colors like this Rose Wood color. I am not one of these that says hey I am only wearing this color because it is a summer color or a fall color. If I want to wear a certain color I wear it, but this would be a great fall color. This did last most of the day with me eating and drinking. It went out so nice and smooth. I would buy the full size of this lipstick. If you haven’t tried this lipstick you need to.

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