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*~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part:2)~*

Hey Y’all

If you are reading this, it seems like you have survived this week also. It has been a long week, but it is Thursday, which means tomorrow is finally Friday.

Monday I made a post about Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part:1) *~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part: 1)~*. I reviewed their 10 pan palettes. Today, I will be reviewing their eyeshadow quads. I will apologize right now, I do not have all of them. I am missing one of them. My local Walgreens only have 4 of the  (I thought I had 5, but after double checking I didn’t).

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads

Price: $2.99 @ Wet n Wild

There are 6 different quads, but like I said I only have 4.

Lights Out


This would be a great palette to do a smokey eye with. I am not into do my whole eye in a dark color, so I wouldn’t be grabbing this quad a lot. I do like the brow bone highlight in it and the gray shimmer color in it.

Hooked on Vinyl


This has to be my favorite quad of them all, just because of the color combo.

Silent Treatment


This is one of the quads that they reformulated. This is my least favorite one. I am not digging the colors all that much. I am just blah over this quad.

Sweet As Candy


This is the quad I have used the most. I already had the old one of this and you can really tell that they reformulated it just by looking at the colors. One the pink shade, I do spray it with setting spray for it to give me the color pay off that I do want.

My thoughts

I kinda regret buying these quads, not that they aren’t good, I just feel that the 10 pan palettes are better. You get more product for your money.

What are y’all thoughts on the new quads? I think it is great that they finally added a transition color, but like I said I like the 10 pans better.

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