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*Makeup Collection: Week 2: Highlighters*

Hey Y’all

I hope y’all are having a great Tuesday. It’s the first day of Spring! Here it is been crazy. It’s Spring Break and my house is full of kiddos. Which I love, but it stays crazy around here. I try to keep them busy.

This is Week 2 of my makeup collection series. Last week I showed y’all what bronzers are in my collection )*Makeup Collection: Week 1: Bronzers*), this week I am going to show y’all the highlighters that are in my collection.

I must say when I pulled all my highlighters out, I realized most of my highlighters are Wet n Wild highlighters, their highlighter game is on point!


Yes….I know my highlighter collection is big, but to me not that big. Some of these products I have already talked about or reviewed somewhere in this blog. I love highlighter. Some days I want to glow, other days I still wanna glow just not as much as other days. I want to have a natural glow.

If y’all have any question about certain highlighters just please ask and I will answer. I just have way to many to break down every single highlighter for y’all. I can say none of these are high end highlighters. There are all drugstore pricing. I do not count the PUR because I got that on sale and it wasn’t even $10.

My favorite highlighter, as y’all my know (if y’all read my blog daily), is the new Wet N Wild loose powder highlighter. The glow that it gives, is unreal.

Next week’s makeup collection: Eyeliners!

What are y’alls favorite highlighters? What ones should I invest in?

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Thanks for reading 🙂


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