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*~Wet n Wild Eyeshadows (Part: 1)~*

Hey Y’all

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It is officially Monday :(. It is spring break here and it is going to be a busy week. We also had a very busy weekend here.

As many of y’all may know Wet n Wild came out with new eyeshadow palettes a couple of months ago. Some of them are not new shades, just reformulated. I have decided to break the review up into 2 parts, if not this would be a very long review. Today I want to focus on their palettes that have 10 different colors in them.

Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette

Price: $4.99 @ Wet n Wild



There are 4 different 10 pan palettes

Nude Awakening


This would be their nude palette of the 4. These are great colors and they have great transition shade. The shimmer shades you will have to spray them with setting spray or wet them for them to give the color pay off. They still show up without spraying them, but they are not that bright.

Rose in the Air


This is the palette I used to do my Valentine’s Day look (Valentine’s Day Makeup Look (All Drugstore) 🙂). These are great colors also. This is one of my favorite ones, I love the dark pink shade in this palette. I also pick up this palette a lot if I need a transition color for an eye look. If I am using a palette without one I grab this one because of the top transition shade.

Comfort Zone


This palette is my least favorite. This is all shimmer shades, minus the two transition colors. I feel if I wanted to make a full eye look, I would have to grab another eyeshadow palette, unless I put a shimmer shade all over the lid. Just like the other shimmers in the rest of the palettes, the light shimmer shades have to be wet to get the color pay off.

Not a Basic Peach

img_7164I feel that this palette is just so colorful. I look at this palette and I think Spring time. It would be a great palette to do an Easter look with. The down side to this palette, the top transition shade, if you are pale like me it does not show up at all.

My Thoughts

I would highly recommend these palettes. Yes, the light shimmer shades you have to spray with a setting spray to get a color pay off, but what do you expect with a drugstore eyeshadow palette. You can make many looks with one palette. I feel that there is a palette for every season. Another thing I love about these is, they are travel friendly. I don’t like to travel with huge eyeshadow palettes are expensive ones and these are travel friendly. If something ends up broke, you are just out of $5.

This is the look I came up with using all of the 4 palettes. I took colors from each one. Also, I am wearing the Revlon foundation again (testing it out even more ~* Revlon Photoready insta-filter Foundation*~)

Have y’all tried these palettes? What are y’all thoughts?

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