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~Soap & Glory…Semi Brand Review~

Hey Y’all

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!! I know I am excited for it to be the weekend.

Today I wanted to do a semi brand review. I say semi because it isn’t a lot of products at all. I have never heard of this brand till around November/December, when my local Walgreens got some of their skin care products in stock and a couple of makeup gift sets.


I have to say I am half and half on these products. I love, I like, and I dislike. Lets start with the stuff I dislike.

Eyeshadow Palette

Price: ?? (I couldn’t find this palette online, I got it in one of their gift sets)

I do not like this eyeshadow palette at all. The first 2 shades hardly show up, its funny the first shade which is lighter shows up better than the second one. The third shade, it just looks like you rubbed loose glitter all over your eyelid and using a glitter glue only helps a little bit. The last 3 shades. Yes, they do have color, but trying to blend them OMG…it is horrible. This palette is the only eyeshadow palette of theirs I have used, please let me know if you have used other palettes from them and let me know how they are.

Supercat Eyeliner


Price: $10.00 @ Ulta

This is another product I do not like from Soap and Glory. One this eyeliner has a smell to it, that I just do not like at all. Second, there is hardly any color to it, you have to build up the color. Third, it bleeds like crazy. This is a HUGE pass!

Thick & Fast HD Mascara


Price: $14.00 @ Ulta

This is a mascara I like, I do use this weekly. I say weekly because there is other mascaras I love also that I use. I do rotation on them, lol. It adds volume, definition, and it curls your lashes to the perfect drama length.

Glow All Out (Highlighter)

Price: $15.00 @ Ulta

When I first seen this highlighter I was unsure about it, but now I like it. If I am doing a natural makeup look not a lot of makeup period, this is the highlighter I use. It leaves just enough highlight to say, “Hey I am there”…giving you that natural glow.

Now to the one product I am so in love with…..

One Heck of a Blot Primer

Price: $14.00 @ Ulta


I think this is the first primer ever that I just love. It controls my shine all day. There are some days I do not have to blot. What I really love about this is how small it makes your pores look. I was using a Maybelline pore filler, but I think this is going to be my go to primer now. It works so much better.

Have y’all used any Soap & Glory Products? If so, what would y’all recommend? I have been wanting to try their skincare. Any thoughts on the skincare line?

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