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*~Beauty Questions~*

Hey Y’all

I hope everyone is going great on this Wednesday. I have been receiving several different questions in my email. I figured I would ask them all at once in this post.

  • Why are you so into makeup products?

Since I can remember I have always been into makeup products. My older sister I remember growing up and watching her put on her makeup. She passed away when I was 11 and I went into a tomboy stage and really didn’t started putting on makeup till I was 15 (maybe). Over the years my love for makeup has grown.

  • What type of coverage do you prefer?

It really all depends, I mainly like medium to full coverage, but there are days especially in the summer where I want a lighter coverage.

  • What beauty item do you buy the most of?

Eyeshadow….my collection of eyeshadow is unreal. I love it though, it is my favorite part of makeup.

  • How often do you shop for makeup?

Anytime I am at the store, lol. I don’t always buy makeup, but I am always looking for a new product to try. I have been buying mostly online because I do live in a small town. I am a discount shopper so, I have to have a coupon code or a site has to be having a huge sale for me to buy.

  • Do you have a beauty budget?

No not really. I try to keep my beauty budget on what I make watching my nephew during the week. I don’t work, I decided to quit my job a couple of years ago to watch my nephew and whatever I make for that I usually spend it on beauty products.

  • How do you find your makeup cheap?

I find my makeup cheap a lot of ways. I do coupon, there is always makeup coupons in the paper. I also look at sales at Wal-greens and Rite aid because you can earn points there and spend them like money. Also, I will check websites a couple times a week to see if anyone is having a sale. Like this week I found that E.L.F was having their spring sale, so I made an order and Too Faced was having their up to 70% off sale so I made an order there also. I hate paying full price.

  • What is the order you apply your makeup?

After moisturizing, I start off with my eyes first. I prime and do my eyeshadow (Winged liner if that is the look I want for the day). Then I will prime my face and do my foundation, concealer, and then I will set my face. I will then go back to my eyes. Do eyeliner, mascara, brows, and I will highlight my brow bone and inner corner of my eye. Then I will finish the rest of my makeup. Bronze, contour, highlight, blush, and set my face. Then I will do lipstick last.

  • When are you planning to start your YouTube channel?

The plan was to start it last month, but my son was hospitalized for most of the month and then I ended up getting the flu. I am being checking my schedule to see when I perfect time to film would be. Right now it is hard to set everything up to film because I have a lot going on this month, but don’t worry once I start it, I will post it on my blog 😊


If y’all have anymore questions please feel free to ask. I don’t mind answering them.

Also don’t forget I am looking for Guest bloggers next month (**Looking for Guest Bloggers**)


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