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~First Drugstore Jelly Highlighters from Almay~

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It’s Monday, hope everyone is doing well.

Today I want to discuss the first drugstore jelly highlighter….that is affordable. To be honest I am shocked that Almay has put it out. Honestly I would of expected Maybelline to put it out first. There are expensive jelly highlights, but I know for me I don’t wanna pay $40-$50 for one highlighter.

Make Them Jelly Hi-Lite


Price: $14.99 @ Ulta

The downside to these highlighters is you can only get them at Ulta. There are 2 different ones and I ended up buying mine when it was buy 1 get one 40% off. If you keep checking Ulta maybe you will be lucky enough to catch them on sale.

Mermaid Magic


Mermaid Magic is the bluish color. Mermaid Magic to me feels different than Unicorn Light. My experience it was harder to pick up, but you can’t tell by the picture it does show up more than Unicorn. This one does come on iridescent.

Unicorn Light


Unicorn Light is the pinkish color. Unicorn light does not come off iridescent at all. To me it is just putting glitter onto your face. This is the one I am testing out today because this is the one I would more than likely grab on a daily, if I didn’t have other highlighters. I tried to take a picture of me wearing it, but it does not show up on camera at all.

Almay Claims on Make Them Jelly Hi-Light

They both leave you with an iridescent glow (Almay Claims). It is suppose to complement all skin tones. Almay claims that it illuminates and adds moisture to the skin.

My Thoughts:

Hmmm…These highlighters would not be something I would grab every day. I love highlighter, but these to me or more putting glitter onto your face. They have micro glitter in them. That seems like that is all they are is micro glitter. This would only be a highlighter you could use on the high points of your cheeks. This highlight wouldn’t look good on your brow bone, on your nose, or you cupid’s bow. Honestly how I am going to use these is like a base for powder highlighters that need the extra boost to get them to the glow I like. I applied Unicorn Light this morning and it has been 1/2 day and yo can’t really tell it is there anymore, plus it didn’t show up on camera. These product would have to be something you are into if you want to buy it, plus I would categorize them for a night time look.

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