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*~*Urban Decay Velvetizer *~*

Hey Y’all!!

It’s FINALLY Friday!! I hope y’all are doing well.

I finally broke down and bought a product on my beauty wish list. Yes, I buy makeup a lot, but I just couldn’t see spending a lot of money on powder, lol. Oh…..but I am so glad I did.

Price: $34 @ Urban Decay Website

What is The Velvetizer?

  • Face Powder
  • Powder Mix in

You can use the Velvetizer as a regular face powder to set your face or you can mix it into your foundation.

What are the claims of The Velvetizer?

  • Creates a velvety feel and look
  • Matte Finish (Which means you can turn your favorite dewy foundation into a matte foundation)
  • Added Coverage
  • Gives you a FLAWLESS finish

My thoughts of The Velvetizer!!

The first day I wore the velvetizer I only used it as a face powder. I used my Too Faced Born This Way foundation. OMG…when I applied the powder, it did exactly what it said. It gave me a flawless finish. My skin looked so smooth. The next day I decided to mix it in with my Born This Way foundation, plus use it as a face powder. Again…OMG…it was FULL coverage when I applied it. I could of went and not used it as a powder on top because it was matte and full coverage. What really sold me on the Velvetizer is, I usually have to blot once or twice during the day (depending on what foundation I am wearing). When I used this as a mix in to the foundation, I didn’t have to blot.

I am so glad I decided to splurge and get this powder. It is really worth the money. Would I use it everyday…no, but only because of the price. I will save it for those days I really want to have a flawless, full coverage look. I highly recommend this powder.

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