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**Limited Edition** Goth-O-Graphic…Wet n Wild Spring Collection

Hey Y’all!! Let me first apologize this is a VERY long review (it’s the whole collection).

I have something for y’all today that is from Wet N Wild. It is their NEW Spring collection. From the title you can tell it is called Goth-O-Graphic. They have a skull design on it. The collection is a holographic collection, but with a goth touch on it. I have yet to see these in any stores around me, but I have heard people have found this collection in certain Walgreens.

I must say I have VERY mixed reviews on this collection. Some of the items were amazing and then there were others that was a total flop.

Let’s start with the highlighters. In this collection there are 4 different highlighters.

  • MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder- Moon Tears
    • $6.99 Wet n Wild website


This is my new holy grail highlighter. I am so in love with this highlighter, plus the packaging is a plus also.

  • MegaGlo Highlighting Stick- Hell-O Darkness
    • $6.99 Wet n Wild Website

If you are into highlight sticks, you will like this one. Out of the 4 highlighters in this collection this one is my list favorite. I am not a big fan of stick highlighters. If you put White Raven over this, it does make both of them pop more

  • MegaGlo Highlighting Powder- White Raven & Purple Ashes
    • $4.99 each Wet n Wild Website

These highlighters are just as great as the other Megaglo highlighting powders that Wet n Wild has. I do like these colors, but they are not colors I would wear daily. The skull design on them is a great detail with the collection.

  • MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Liquid Eyeshadow
    • $4.99 Wet n Wild Website

There are 4 shades in this collection.

  • Pure Intension- Light Pink Shade
  • Mystic Dreamer- Darker Pink Shade
  • Goth Tears- Purple Shade
  • Nyctophilia- Black shade

The first 3 are great alone or as an eyeshadow topper. I am wearing Mystic Dreamer on my eyes today. Nyctophilia is only good as a eyeshadow topper. It would look good on top of a dark purple or a black eyeshadow. I have to continue to use these because my opinion on these are mixed for several different reasons. I tried to layer them, with no luck. I actually had to wipe away all my eyeshadow and restart again. Also, when I first put the eyeshadow on my eye, it actually burned. It shortly went away, but my concern is, I don’t think I ever had an eyeshadow that burned on my eyes before.

  • MegaLiner Metallic Liquid Eyeliner
    • $3.99 Wet n Wild Website

There are 3 colors

  • Skull Prayer- White Eyeliner
  • Pink Coffin- Pink Eyeliner
  • Black Butterfly- Purple Eyeliner (I have no idea why it is called black butterfly and it is purple)

This is one of the products I HATE in this collection. I tried applying the white eyeliner with my eyeshadow look today and it was a no go. These eyeliners I would probably never use. I would not recommend these eyeliners.

  • MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick
    • $4.99 Wet n Wild Website

There are 4 colors in the lipsticks

  • Wicked Pink- Pink Shade
  • Pastel Grunge- Blue Shade
  • Gunmetal Heart- Gray Shade (I did not get this one they gave me 2 of Death to Unicorns)
  • Death to Unicorns- Black Shade

They call these a lipstick, but if you go on the Wet n Wild website and read in the description, they call them the perfect holographic topper. Using them as a topper is what works best. These have no pigment what so ever when you wear them as a lipstick. I put on Wicked Pink this morning over a lipstick and it didn’t last long at all. Plus, these make your lips feel very dry.

The products I would recommend at this point would be of course the loose highlighter and both of the powder highlighters. The rest of the collection I wouldn’t recommended and as I said earlier I have to keep on playing with the eyeshadow to see if I would recommend them or not.

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