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Urban Decay Distortion Eyeshadow Palette!!

Hey Y’all…I hope everyone is doing well on this Wednesday afternoon. I have an exciting review for y’all.

I have been eyeing the Urban Decay Distortion palette before it launched ( I wanna say back in November). I refused to buy it because I couldn’t justify to myself to pay $48 for this palette. I thought they had a cool idea with the palette because the top row are duotone shadows that you can place on top of the other ones to change them up a little.

As you can tell by the pictures the colors are amazing. I couldn’t wait to get to swatch and play around with these colors. The swatches didn’t disappoint either. (Sorry the pictures of the swatches are not the best, the duotone shadows, the light was catching them and making them extra shiny).

The duotone shadows are the first picture with just the black eyeshadow. They wouldn’t show up on their on in a picture. The second picture is the second row and the third is the last row of the palette. The first half of the eyeshadow swatch is the original color and the end of them is with a duotone shadow over it. Sorry again they are not the best pictures.

Just like with anything there are going to be positives and negatives about a product.


  • Eyeshadow has lasted all day
  • Good Pigment
  • Has mirror
  • Great Quality


  • Duotone colors you really have to build them up. I did not get the effect I wanted in the center of my eyeshadow today where I placed it. It did work great as an inner corner highlight.


My eye look turned out great today, minus you can’t really see the duotone in the center of my eyelid. You can see it though on my inner corner.

This palette retails for $48 on, but right now it is on sale for $24…that is 1/2 off. If this is a palette you have been wanting it is the time to grab it.

The end result, I am going to have to keep playing with this palette to see if I can get the duotones to work better on top of the other eyeshadows. We shall see, I have very high hops for this palette.

If you have tried this palette, let me know your thoughts and how everything worked out for you.

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Thanks for reading,


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