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Happy Monday :)

Hey Y’all!!

I know, I know I haven’t made any post lately. I have mentioned in a previous post my son has been in the hospital and on top of that guess what…..I got the flu. What sucks is because it was a different type than what my son had they ban me from his room for 5 days.

Well, not that I am feeling better, I have decided to work on my blog here. Y’all that have been with me (which isn’t many), will noticed my domain name has changed for the better. Y’all will also notice I am working on changing things up on my blog, the design and everything. I hope y’all enjoy.

Also I am very excited, once I am better and my son is home, I have several new products, I want to review. One is an eyeshadow palette that isn’t drugstore, but I have been wanting it, but the thing I am most excited about….I found a drugstore JELLY highlighter. YES!! You read that right, I am super excited about that. Plus, I am lucky enough to get to review the new Wet N Wild Spring collection. Everything should be here this week ready for me to review. YAY

I really hope y’all like the changes that are happening and the changes that will be coming to my blog.

Goodnight Y’all,



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