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Wet N Wild Hello Halo…New Highlighters 😊

When I was in Walgreens buying my new Wet N Wild cushion foundation to test out, I seen their new highlighters, which of course excited me. I only grabbed 3 of them. I grabbed the 3 I thought I would wear everyday and that my complexion would go with.

The 3 I got are:

  • 303A Halographic
  • 304A Halo, Goodbye (I love the name of this one)
  • 300 Halo Gorgeous (Also I love the name of this one)img_6789

I have tried out all of these and there are some pros and cons.

  • You cannot use a lot of this product directly on your face. If you put it directly on your face only put a couple of dots. It has an applicator like the tarte shape tape.
  • Do not apply it with a brush!! Use the applicator and dot it in the areas you want it and use a light hand and blend it in with a beauty blender or use your fingers.
  • If you like that WOW highlight this isn’t going to give it to you. This gives a nice highlight (in my opinion) that is more natural and it isn’t like BAM you are all shinny.


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