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Good News!! **Must Read**

I have been working on sitting on my YouTube channel. I have named it Southern Beauty, just like my blog. Basically, the only think I must do is to start recording videos to put on there. My plan this week is to work on recording a video and editing and have it posted by the end of next.

Why did I decide on a YouTube Channel?

I have debated having a YouTube channel for awhile now. I have always been into makeup since I was little, but I don’t want it just to be a makeup review channel only. I am kinda shy, so to be honest I am nervous about recording my first video and posting it. I know with time it will get easier and easier the more comfortable I get with the camera. I think my first video will be a Get Ready with me and talk about my channel, you know what to expect, what do I want to do on my channel, etc. I will post the link to my YouTube channel down below for y’all my readers and my followers will be the first to know when I have posted a video.

Please Subscribe to my Channel (Yes, there is no videos on there yet, but they are coming). Once I get to 1,000 Followers on my channel I will be doing a giveaway. The link for my channel is down below!!

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