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Maybelline Total Temptation Shadow + Highlight Palette

The Maybelline Total Temptation shadow and highlight palette is part of their new line they have released this year. Right when this was in my Wal-Mart store I had to grab it……but only to be let down. Yep, you read it right it was a HUGE let down.

When I review products I want to give them a fair chance, I have given this palette many chances.

Looking at the swatches above, they look very pigmented, but when you applet then with a brush, you don’t get that much pigment on your eyes at all. The darker colors are also patchy. I really wasn’t expecting this bad of a palette from Maybelline. I LOVE Maybelline, I use many of their products. I wouldn’t recommend this palette at all to my followers. The only hope for this palette is the highlights, which to be honest I probably wouldn’t pull out this palette just for the highlights because I have so many other good highlighted to use.

Have y’all tried this palette? What are y’all opinions on it?

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