First Impression · L'Oreal Mascara


We all know at this point that L’Oreal has stepped up their game when it comes to mascara. If you like your lashes looking full and long, you already know about their Lash Paradise. It gives you the volume, the length, and a full lash look. I love it, I just purchased my 3rd one because I use it often.

Now here is the GOOD NEWS!!!


L’Oreal just released a NEW mascara. Y’all know me, I just had to test it out. I must say L’Oreal is on point with their mascara game. Their new mascara is call: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous X Fiber Washable Mascara. I have never used a mascara with fibers before, so I was nervous trying this new mascara, but I am in love. It builds intense volume, it states on their website up to 7x the volume, it is also smudge-resistant. You can tell by my picture that it does the job.


What mascaras do y’all use to get y’all the volume and length you want in your lashes? I sometimes wear false lashes, but between the 2 great mascaras that L’Oreal has, I do not have to wear false lashes all the time.

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