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Wet N Wild Cushion Foundation

Yes, it is another foundation post, sorry, but I was excited to try out this foundation.

Wet N Wild have release several new products recently. I went out and bought the new eyeshadow palettes that have 10 different colors in them a couple of weeks ago to try out (I think there are 4 all together). I have been testing them out and once I try out all 4 and gather my thoughts I will do a review on them. Another product they have released is a new cushion foundation. This sparked my interest and it was hard to find in stores, but I found it at my Walgreens. I don’t know if they got it in accidentally or what, but they only had one of each shade and didn’t really have a spot for them. I ended up grabbing my shade because like I said it sparked my interest. I have never used a cushion foundation before. Well, let me tell ya I have some serious thoughts about this foundation…..


My thoughts……

I applied it with the little sponge thing that comes with it. It applied really great with the sponge, (I thought I would end up throwing the sponge away and using my beauty blender). With that said let’s go over the pros and cons of this foundation:


  • Price: $8.99 on the Wet N Wild website (I don’t remember what I paid at Walgreens, but they were having a sell Buy 1 Get 1 50% off)
  • Buildable…I got it to a medium/full coverage, but I do have combo skin
  • Light Weight….it does not feel like I have foundation on
  • Other products blended well on top of it


  • Dewy!!! Like really Dewy…like I have said I have combo skin and this foundation is really shinny on my skin. I even used a matte primer because I have read that it is dewy and leaves your skin looking really oily. Which brings me to my next con
  • Only for certain times of the year…You do not want to use this foundation in the summer time, oh lord how mercy the way you would look wearing it
  • Kinda hard to get the sponge to soak up the foundation. This is a con to me because if you have used Wet N Wild other cushion products they have the same sponge in them and you have to barely tap it in to get product. This foundation you really have to push the sponge in several times to get enough product on it. I may have got a bad one, so let me know if y’all have used it, if y’all have had the same problem before.

Here is a picture of the day I tested out the foundation. I like that you can’t tell in the picture how dewy it is, but in person it is very dewy.


In other news….

I am working out a Youtube channel to go with my blog here. I want to show y’all products first hand instead of just writing about them. Yes, I will still have this blog, but I will link videos to it for y’all to see me using the products I write about. I am debating till then about posting short videos for y’all. I was going to do it with this foundation, but currently my son is home with the flu and I did not have a lot of time to get ready when using this foundation because he comes first.

If you are to shy to leave a comment \, please fill out the contact form below to let me know what you think or what foundation I should test out!!

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