Monday Already 😭

Hey y’all!! 😊

Sorry I haven’t posted since Friday, but my weekend was nonstop.

Saturday I done the A21 freedom walk with some friends! If you don’t know what that is, it is a walk to end slavery around the world! I had to be up super early for that because we had to travel a hour and a half. I live in a small town and they hardly have anything like that here where I live. Heck…we hardly have anything here in this town.

Anyways, after I got back, I had to get ready for my step sons bday party. We were having it at a park so we had to get everything loaded and set up. Which on Saturday I used that Milani foundation again and it wore all day! I was impressed!!

Sunday we woke up early went to church and then we had to drive over 2 hours to take my step son home! I have been on the go. That is why I didn’t have time to post this weekend!

This week I will try to get back on track posting everyday!

2 thoughts on “Monday Already 😭

  1. Hi Dana, I tried to get in touch with you earlier for a collab, but I didn’t hear back. So I just wanted to say Hi here and wanted to ask if you are open to collabs. Should that be the case I happily would hear back from you on my email– should you not be interested happy blogging and all the best! Xoxo


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