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OMG!!! I forgot!!

Good evening!!

So you may be wondering what I forgot! My life has been so busy lately and I have been on the go, I forgot to start using my fall moisturizer! Yep, big mistake.

It was a funny thing how I realized it. I am one of these that I check my makeup every time I am near a mirror. Today was crazy busy. I get home from Bible Study and go and take off my makeup and it is crazy patchy areas. So I went through my checklist:

*I knew it wasn’t my foundation. I used my Limelight foundation today and I use that often and I have never had a problem out of it

*I didn’t try anything new today because I was saving my new products for first impression Friday

Then I realized it is my moisturizer. During the fall and winter my skin gets really dry and during the summer especially my face gets really oily. I haven’t really thought anything about it till I seen how horrible my face looked at the end of the day! When I have really oily skin I use a oil-free gel moisturizer, which when I have dry skin just makes my skin worse. So off to the store tomorrow to get my fall/winter moisturizer.

Anyone have a good recommendation on a good moisturizer for dry skin?

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