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Purifying Peel-Off Mask

Good Afternoon,

I want to share with you guys something I try to do at least every other week. It the Deep Cleansing Black Mask by SHILLS.


I have only used this mask for a little over a month. I was seeing so many reviews online and videos of people using the mask, so I got curious and bought it. At first I was scared to death. Everyone was saying it was the most painful peel-off mask they have used and it is black and thick like tar. Honestly, yes it does hurt taking it off, but not that bad. To me it only hurts on the parts of the face where you have peach fuzz. I am shocked how much it removes from your face. It makes your skin so smooth and it does take off the dead skin and removes black heads. I am actually letting it dry on my face right now, while I am typing this blog post. If y’all want the next time I wear it I can take a video of me peeling the mask off, lol



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